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The High Command – Settlers’ influence on IDF conduct in the West Bank

In an extensive collection of testimonies from former Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) soldiers, Breaking the Silence reveals 6 ways that illegal Israeli settlers in the West Bank have a problematic influence on IDF operations in the occupied Palestinian territories:
  1. Settler involvement in operational activities
  2. Failure to enforce the law on settlers harming Palestinians or their property
  3. Settler violence against IDF soldiers
  4. IDF soldiers guarding settlers’ events and recreational activities
  5. Proximity and close personal ties between settlers and soldiers
  6. Integrating settlers and their political ideologies into IDF educational activities
These testimonies show how settlers wield power over IDF operations and soldiers – a power that comes at the decided expense of Palestinian livelihood. In the words of one former soldier “There’s no doubt that we worked for the settlers.” (Page 36)
Click here to read the full report, including the IDF Chief of Staff’s response to the collected testimonies.