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New B’Tselem report: Restrictions on Palestinians Living in the Shadow of the Beit El Settlement

From FMEP grantee B’Tselem, a collection of testimonies from Palestinians living in Al-Jalazun Refugee Camp in the West Bank on how a neighboring Israeli settlement has led to onerous restrictions on their freedom of movement:

The fence was built right between our houses and the road, leaving us with an eight-meter wide passageway. Also, while the work was going on, soldiers set up a roadblock right at the entrance to our house and another one south of us, every day. It was impossible to drive on Route 466, which is the main road linking Ramallah to the towns in the northern West Bank. The roadblocks stayed in place from the early morning to the evening.

After the work on the fence near the settlement started, I suffered almost daily from the travel restrictions caused by the roadblocks that the military set up along Route 466…Life here has become unbearable. If it happened once a year, or even once a month, I might have been able to live with it, but for months it happened here every day and it was unbearable. The humiliation, the anxiety, the fear I and other taxi drivers working this route feel all the time can make a person sick. I’m thinking about looking for other work, but there aren’t too many alternatives. I pray to God to make it better for us.

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