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    BDS Opponents Want Israel Held To A Lower Standard

    The recent Pew Poll reporting a decline in Democratic support for Israel sparked much hand wringing, debate and critical analysis. Some dissected the poll’s weaknesses.…

    The ‘Israel Anti-Boycott Act’ Explained

    FMEP’s President Lara Friedman joined Churches for Middle East Peace for a webinar explaining the “Israel Anti-Boycott Act,” a piece of legislation moving in the Senate (S 720)…

    Q&A with Rebecca Vilkomerson

    Rebecca Vilkomerson has been a member of Jewish Voice for Peace since 2001 and the group’s Executive Director since 2009. She lived with her family…

    Correcting the Record on EU Settlement Labeling

    It is important to recognize, however, that the unimpeded growth of settlements will eventually foreclose the option of a two-state solution, if it hasn’t already done so, as it will eliminate any possibility of contiguous and economically viable Palestinian state.

    BDS In Perspective

    The surest way to take the wind out of the BDS sails would be to work diligently to achieve those goals, and act against efforts that prevent them. An independent, sovereign and viable Palestine sharing peace, trade and security with Israel removes the impetus for both BDS and the often overly aggressive tactics being employed against it.

    Matthew Duss: Congressional Testimony on Impact of BDS

    Efforts to blur that distinction are just as dangerous to Israel’s existence as a Jewish and democratic state as attacks on Israel’s legitimacy itself. It is entirely consistent with longstanding U.S. policy, and indeed necessary to preserve the ultimate goal of a two-state solution, to continue to preserve that distinction in U.S. policy and law.

    Obama Makes Settlement Boycotts Kosher

    Those who are interested in a better future for both Israel and the Palestinians can accomplish this by simultaneously boycotting settlements and supporting businesses in Israel that do not cross the Green Line into the West Bank.

    Let’s Take A Deep Breath on BDS

    The vitriol about BDS has limited opportunities for progress, and led to a zero-sum game barring compromise

    Using “Anti-BDS” Laws To Protect Israeli Settlements

    By hiding protection of settlements in language that seems to be defending Israel, they are moving against a two-state solution. It’s important that this disingenuousness is exposed and people understand what they are really being asked to support.