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    Bibi and Buji: A Bad Union

    Israeli unity government: Bad for Israel, Bad for the Palestinians, Bad for America, Bad for Peace

    Takeaways From Israel’s Election

    Israel’s international isolation will continue to grow, and whether that growth is steady or accelerated will depend on both how much more brazen Netanyahu becomes and how much the U.S. and Europe are willing to tolerate before they take actions Israel will feel. It is not a hopeful scenario on any level.

    Familiar Bedfellows

    By refusing to face the newness of the world that must be made, the leaders of the “Zionist Camp” are deepening the crisis of the world as it is.

    Boehner Bringing Bibi to Washington

    In his State of the Union address Tuesday night, U.S. President Barack Obama stated once again, and quite firmly, that he would veto any new…

    Abbas Moves Toward ICC After UN Failure

    The Palestinian Authority (PA) has now moved a step closer to making good on its threat to go to the International Criminal Court (ICC) and…