We encourage U.S.-based and non-U.S.-based charitable organizations who are aligned with our grant philosophy to apply for funding. U.S. organizations must be tax-exempt, and non-U.S.-based organizations must meet rigorous compliance and reporting standards documenting the organization’s eligibility for U.S. charitable funding.

As a tax-exempt private foundation, the Foundation for Middle East Peace is prohibited by the Internal Revenue Code from engaging in, or supporting, any lobbying activities. The work of the Foundation for Middle East Peace often includes funding organizations or projects that focus on policy and involve advocacy to the extent permitted by law for public charities. However, funds from FMEP must not be “earmarked” or used specifically for lobbying activities.

Selection Criteria

We first and foremost look to fund organizations that produce original content and results of value to the broad community of actors working to end the conflict.

We welcome applications from the full range of organizations working to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

We evaluate applicants based on their mission, strategy, programming, ability and willingness to partner with FMEP and our other grantees, and their overall impact towards ending the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.


FMEP disperses the majority of our large general support grants at the beginning of each new fiscal year (January 1st). Applicants are urged to apply for funding by August 31st of each year in order to be considered in this pool of applicants. FMEP reviews additional general support applications throughout the year; funding decisions will be based on our evaluation and limited by the availability of remaining grant funds.

To apply for general support funding, please fill out our preliminary application form, available online here or via email if requested. Following a first round assessment, select candidates will be contacted to provide further information and documentation.

Applications for rapid response, project-specific grants are considered on a rolling basis. To apply, please attach a letter of interest, tax determination letter(s), and a current organizational budget in an email to our Director of Philanthropy Philip Sweigart (  Letters of interest without supporting documents will not be considered.

Your letter should be no longer than 3 pages and should include:

  • Amount requested
  • A budget for the specific project
  • A brief narrative describing the work and highlighting the urgency of our support
  • Contact information for follow up