Mitvim – The Israeli Institute for Regional Foreign Policies, is an independent think tank that envisions a fresh start for Israel among the nations. It aims to reshape Israel’s relations in the Middle East, Europe and the Mediterranean, by promoting new paradigms for Israel’s foreign policies, enhancing Israel’s regional belonging, and advancing Israeli-Arab peace. Mitvim was established in May 2011.

Mitvim works at the political, diplomatic and public levels. It is comprised of Israeli experts, strategists, scholars, and journalists, who bring fresh and innovative thinking. Mitvim’s main target audiences are the Israeli policy-elite and general public. Mitvim also targets regional and international policy, diplomatic and media circles that are influential to Israel’s regional foreign policies. Special effort is invested in bringing the Mitvim voice to the Arab media. Mitvim engages in the various phases of the policymaking-cycle and promotes the actual crafting of the regional realities it aspires for. Mitvim generates knowledge, articulates ideas, plans policies, advocates recommendations, and facilitates implementation.

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