The Movement for Freedom of Information in Israel

The Movement for Freedom of Information in Israel is an Israeli NGO that works to establish governmental transparency, including vis-a-vis Israeli government policies and funding in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. The Movement for Freedom of Information in Israel (MFOI) works to gain access to and  publish official documentation that becomes the basis for reports and lawsuits, which in turn fuel media focus, international scrutiny, and activism. MFOI was established in 2004 by leading media and jurists to bring about the implementation of the 1998 Freedom of Information Law. MFOI’s work has:

  • Exposed how the Gush Etzion Regional Council funnels money to the Amana settler group in support of the establishment and development of illegal outposts.
  • Petitioned for the release of documents showing Israeli government grants to U.S. pro-Israel organizations.
  • Liberated documents that show how the Israeli Ministry of Strategic Affairs secretly set up and funded a front company in order to sidestep political and legal limitations on how the government is permitted to combat BDS. This front company – Concert – attempted to operate in the United States, and aimed to hire an unnamed lawyer to help it navigate U.S. regulations on foreign activity.
  • Exposed that 99.7% of land in the West Bank that Israel has claimed is “state land” has been used by the state to build settlements.

  • Revealed that Israeli tax-payer funds were used to underwrite the construction of an illegal racetrack for settlers and tourists in the West Bank.

  • Challenges the Israeli Strategic Affairs Ministry’s exemption from the freedom of information law.

  • Pushed for more transparency in Israel’s defense budget.

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