Heartbeat unites Israeli and Palestinian youth musicians to build critical understanding, develop creative nonviolent tools for social change, and amplify their voices to influence the world around them. Heartbeat breaks through entrenched physical and psychological barriers as a constructive alternative to the status quo of segregation, violence, racism, and the power differentials brought on by years of conflict, occupation, and war.

The Heartbeat Community strives to help build a future where all people enjoy equal rights to freedom, education, safety, and dignity. Heartbeat stands against oppression and violence of absolutely any kind. As a community and educational institution committed to being an equal and welcoming space for all people, Heartbeat firmly stands by the 30 Articles of the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights.

As a positive alternative to the normalization of segregation, violence, and racism, Heartbeat creates spaces and opportunities for Palestinian and Israeli youth musicians to build critical awareness, respect, and trust while harnessing creative nonviolent tools for self-expression and social change. Engaging in a sustained music, dialogue, and empowerment process, Heartbeat youth musicians become agents of change; harnessing the tools of creativity to imagine possibilities, ask questions, and publicly address systemic problems such as violence, oppression, and inequality — partnering to create a safe, equitable future for all.

Learn more about Heartbeat & its work:

Website: http://heartbeat.fm/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/heartbeatjerusalem
Twitter: @HeartbeatAmp

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