PA demands Hamas disarm; APN asks Jewish federations to halt settlement funding

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Occupation/Human rights

Americans for Peace Now Calls on Jewish Federations to Cease Settlement Funding,

Americans for Peace Now called on the Jewish Federations of North America to stop donating to settlements in the West Bank. A letter from the left-wing U.S.-based organization was sent to JFNA’s leadership on Friday, following a Haaretz special report which revealed that Jewish Federations had forwarded over $6 million to the settlements between 2012 and 2015.

Settler delusions of security,

“Israeli settlers are pressuring the government for more investment in security, but no matter how generous the ultimate outlay, it will not prevent the next wave of casualties from terrorism as long as the occupation status quo persists,” writes Mazal Mualem.

Most Israeli Jews Would Deny Voting Rights to Arab Citizens Who Reject Zionist Narrative, Survey Finds,

Most Israeli Jews believe that Arab citizens who are unwilling to declare Israel the national home of the Jewish people should be denied the right to vote, a survey published on Tuesday shows.

Israeli State-funded NGO That Built Illegal West Bank Outpost Now Trying to Legalize It,

The nonprofit organization called the Jewish Shepherd, which is funded by the Education Ministry, is seeking to retroactively legalize an unauthorized outpost erected by Kfar Adumim. The road to the outpost, which was built on “Hill 387” near Route 1 connecting Jerusalem and the Dead Sea, passes over privately owned Palestinian land. The homes were erected without permits on the hill, which is state land.

Legalising the annexation of Jerusalem,

“The supporters of the “Greater Jerusalem” bill are motivated by an Israeli obsession with demographics,” writes Yara Hawari. “Their idea is to ensure that Jewish Israelis maintain a dominant majority in every part of historic Palestine.”

3 Palestinians assaulted during olive harvest,

At around 10 AM today November 8th, three Palestinians were assaulted by Israeli extremists as they harvested olives near the Palestinian village of Urif, not far from the Yitzhar settlement. The work was previously coordinated with the Israeli army.

Palestinian politics

Hamas must disarm under unity deal: Palestinian police chief,

The head of the Palestinian police said Wednesday that Hamas must disarm to allow a landmark reconciliation deal signed last month with rivals Fatah to succeed. Hazem Atallah’s comments came as cracks began to show in the Palestinian reconciliation deal mediated by Egypt over the issue of security control of the Gaza Strip.

Palestinian Authority showing Dahlan-era officers the door,

“Security-related issues could challenge the Palestinian reconciliation if Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas continues purging security force members who were appointed by rival Fatah leader Mohammed Dahlan,” writes Adnan Abu Amer.


Bursting at the seams with potential,

Starting at the end of 2014, Gaza’s textile sector began to recover, but blocks on permits and other restrictions are obstructing further progress.

Young Palestinians Skeptical That Hamas-PA Unity Will Help Them Escape Gaza,

Leaving the enclave via Egypt is a labyrinthine struggle, but young Palestinians maintain hope that the reconciliation deal will help them on their way to Western universities, vacation spots and further afield.

Opinion: The Chained Jailers of Gaza,

“Israelis refuse to comprehend that Gaza is a huge prison, and that we are the wardens,” writes Amira Hass.

US-Israeli/Palestinian relations

In recording, John Kerry says Israeli government doesn’t want peace,

Former US secretary of state John Kerry blamed the Israeli government’s resistance to the establishment of a Palestinian state for harming the prospects of a peace deal, while warning Israel could face a future violent Palestinian uprising if there was no progress in peace talks.

Abbas discusses Trump’s peace plan with Saudi King,

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas on Monday discussed the intra-Palestinian reconciliation process and an American plan to restart Israeli-Palestinians peace talks with Saudi King Salman in Riyadh, according to the PA’s official news agency.