ACLU on the Israel Anti-Boycott Act; Israel’s BDS blacklist

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US-Israeli/Palestinian relations

A Conversation with Faiz Shakir About Anti-Semitism and BDS,

Tablet Magazine interviews ACLU national political director Faiz Shakir about the legal implications of the Israeli Anti-Boycott Act.

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand: Where I Stand On Israel, BDS And The First Amendment,

“We should never have to choose between supporting Israel and supporting the First Amendment,” writes Kirstin Gillibrand.

Occupation/Human rights

Israeli activists demand government publish BDS blacklists,

Israeli human rights activists file an appeal to force the Israeli government to come clean on its so-called blacklists of foreign nationals who support the boycott movement.

Israeli Settler School Built in Part on Private Palestinian Land, With a Little Help From U.S. Donors,

Aerial footage reveals that part of the campus of a school in the West Bank settlement of Efrat was built on privately owned Palestinian land. The footage was obtained and analyzed by a civil-society organization that monitors land ownership in the West Bank.

Palestinians in Village Near Jerusalem Block Home Demolition,

Residents of a Palestinian village near Jerusalem on Thursday prevented the demolition by Israeli authorities of an illegally built home. The residents, who gathered around the house and blocked the heavy machinery, say the village has seen a rise in demolition orders against it.

Israel is razing a Bedouin village to build a Jewish-only town on its ruins,

Israeli authorities have promised the courts that the displaced Bedouin residents would have an opportunity to live in the new community. New documents show that is far from the case.

Temple Mount saw record number of Israeli visitors, despite tensions,

July saw the largest number of Jewish Israelis visiting the Temple Mount  in any single month since it came under Israeli control in 1967.


Israel to speed up Gaza tunnel barrier,

Israel is to accelerate the building of a huge barrier along its boundary with Gaza aimed at preventing militants from tunnelling under the border.

Palestinian politics

Palestinian leader curbs social media expression in decree,

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has clamped down on social media and news websites — the main outlets for debate and dissent in the West Bank — with a vaguely worded decree that critics say allows his government to jail anyone on charges of harming “national unity” or the “social fabric.”

Israel, PA discreetly resume security coordination,

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas declared at the height of the Temple Mount crisis that he was halting security coordination with Israel; now it seems that contacts between the security services of both sides have been resumed.

Israeli politics

‘Fake news’ hits back at Bibi,

Two days after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu lashed out at the Israeli media, claiming it is promoting a left-wing agenda to bring down his government, the media is striking back.

Opinion: Left-wing NGOs working for all Israeli citizens,

“Unlike right-wing NGOs, which favor projects that serve the Right’s political agenda, civil society organizations affiliated with the Left have universal goals,” writes Mickey Gitzin.