Congress on Issa Amro; Egypt’s plan for Gaza

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US-Israeli/Palestinian relations

US lawmakers urge secretary of state to help Palestinian activist going on trial in Israel,

In a letter sent Wednesday, 32 Democratic members of Congress asked Rex Tillerson to utilize his influence in the case of Issa Amro, who is facing charges connected to protests he organized in Hebron, his West Bank hometown, against the Israeli occupation and expansion of settlements.

Opinion: The lie at the heart of the Jewish American consensus,

“By choosing to engage on specific issues of Israeli policy while ignoring the fate of Palestinians, the Jewish American establishment has effectively sided with perpetuating the occupation,” writes Edo Konrad.

Palestinian politics

Is Abbas' arch-rival the answer to Gaza's problems?,

A new leaked document reveals a new plan to solve the crisis in Gaza: appointing Mohammad Dahlan, once responsible for crushing Hamas and now Mahmoud Abbas’ greatest threat, to run the besieged Strip.

PA to again allow Gazan patients to be treated in Israeli hospitals,

The Palestinian Authority will reportedly once again allow patients from the Gaza Strip to be treated in Israel after three babies died on Tuesday in the enclave controlled by the Hamas terror group.

Regional developments accelerate Hamas-Hezbollah reconciliation,

Hamas and Hezbollah leaders have recently held meetings in Beirut, suggesting an end to their cold dispute over the Syrian war, as the Gulf-Qatari crisis continues.

Opinion: Mahmoud Abbas has led the Palestinians to a dead end. He must go,

The president has hit a new low, cutting the salaries and electricity of Palestinians in Gaza. The next intifada will be against the Palestinian National Authority and this should worry Israel and Abbas.

UN envoy seeks deal to end Gaza electricity crisis,

Nikolay Mladenov met Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh and other senior members of the organization in Gaza, the Ynet news site reported on Friday. They looked at ways to end the shortage of fuel for the power plant and to increase medical supplies from the Palestinian Authority to the enclave.

Occupation/Human rights

Hebron is the next Israeli-Palestinian fight at UNESCO,

From a Palestinian point of view, Hebron’s sanctity to the Jewish people does not negate the Palestinians’ right to promote their political rights and sovereignty over the world heritage site.

'Carrot, not stick': Israel pushes its curriculum in Palestinian schools,

Young Palestinian Faris Abu-Mayyaleh will soon find out how he did in his final high school exams, in which he answered questions about Israel’s founding fathers and the history of Zionism.

Israeli politics

Justice minister's hunt for Israeli NGO not about justice,

Despite her lack of authority to even suggest it, Israel’s Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked is getting the investigation into Breaking the Silence spokesperson Dean Issacharoff she demanded.

Settlers blast Liberman, claim he is soft on terrorism,

Settlers waged a similar campaign against former defense minster Moshe Ya’alon and supported Liberman when he became defense minister last year.