Bills in Congress to cut off aid to Palestinian Authority, target settlement boycotts

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US-Israeli/Palestinian relations

Israel challenges BDS at home and beyond,

In recent years, a slew of bills banning the boycott of Israel or its settlements have come to the fore in the US Congress and state legislatures. “Over the past two years, we’ve seen a proliferation of legislation at the state and federal level,” said Lara Friedman, president of the Washington, DC-based Foundation for Middle East Peace.

Congress moves bill cutting Palestinian aid over ‘martyr’ stipends,

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee voted 17-4 for the Taylor Force Act after modifications were made to get Democrats on board.

Exclusive: Taylor Force Act Could Hinder Greenblatt’s Water Deal,

The passage of the Taylor Force Act in its current form would bar U.S. participation in the water agreement trumpeted by senior Trump administration official Jason Greenblatt last month, an informed Congressional staffer told Jewish Insider on Thursday.

Occupation/Human rights

Sheikh Jarrah family faces eviction to benefit settlers,

At the Shamasne family’s basement home in Sheikh Jarrah, days before a final deadline to evacuate the property, there was no sign that the occupants intended to leave.

Palestinian sources: Israel has turned Abbas into a prisoner in Ramallah,

Israel is blocking Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas from leaving Ramallah due to his failure to calm the tensions surrounding new security measures at the Temple Mount, according to senior Palestinian sources.

The war on Israeli BDS supporters,

Israel’s minister of strategic affairs is gathering intelligence and compiling blacklists on Israeli citizens who support the boycott movement.

Israeli politics

Palestinian Officials: Israel Peace Talks Are a Nonstarter While Netanyahu Under Criminal Investigation,

Officials in the Palestinian Authority who are closely following reports about the suspicions against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu are coming to the conclusion that the possibility he might be prosecuted in the coming months makes any effort to resume peace talks irrelevant.

Pressure mounts on Israel’s prime minister as aide agrees to testify,

Israeli Prime ­Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is known for being a political survivor, but the revelation this past week that a former top aide will testify against him has led to speculation that his indictment in relation to allegations of corruption is increasingly inevitable.


Israel needs to tell the truth about the decision to cut power to Gaza,

The public deserves an explanation about what took place behind the closed doors of decision-makers and how they justify having reached the decision to cut power to Gaza, writes Tania Hary.

Palestinian politics

The End of This Road: The Decline of the Palestinian National Movement,

“The Palestinian national movement was built on representation, activism, and achievement,” write Hussein Agha and Ahmad Samih Khalidi. “Today, none of these elements of success are evident.”

Jordan's King Abdullah in rare visit to Palestine,

Jordan’s King Abdullah II has begun a rare visit to the occupied West Bank to meet Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, amid shared tensions with Israel over the al-Aqsa Mosque compound.