David Friedman approved by Senate panel

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US-Israel relations

Senate panel approves Trump’s Israel envoy in near party-line vote,

The committee voted Thursday 12-9 to confirm David Friedman, mostly along party lines. Sen. Robert Menendez, D-N.J. , was the only Democrat to vote in favor. The vote now goes to the full Senate.

American Critics Of Israel Anguished By Ban On Boycott Backers,

American Jews who love Israel and see boycott as a tool to change the country for the better are anguished over a new Israeli law that could ban them from visiting the country they cherish.

Trump adviser to visit Israel, discuss settlements,

Jason Greenblatt, US President Donald Trump’s special representative for international negotiations, is reportedly set to visit Israel in the coming week. The goal of Greenblatt’s visit is reportedly to formulate the Trump administration’s position on settlements, including what the US will accept in terms of where and how much Israel can build.

Will Trump split the Israeli right?,

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman are using their US allies as strategic assets in their battles against Education Minister Naftali Bennett.

Occupation/Human rights

Israel Threatened to Boycott EU Envoy to Peace Process - but Backtracked,

The threat by Israel stemmed from small change in EU envoy’s mandate, which included a reference to the anti-settlement UN resolution. Israel backtracked only after EU states intervened.

Jordan says ‘Muezzin Bill’ is discriminatory, violates peace treaty,

Jordanian minister warns that Israeli legislation would breach human rights conventions and infringe upon Jordan’s authority over holy sites in East Jerusalem


Resource: The impact of the siege on women in Gaza,

A report by Gisha addresses the effects of Israel’s policy toward Gaza’s workforce from a gender perspective. It focuses on women who managed to break through the glass ceiling only to be met by the concrete ceiling of the Israeli-imposed closure.

Israeli politics

Opinion: In Israel’s Labor Party, everybody fights everybody,

“Leadership battles time and time again within Israel’s Labor Party are tearing it apart,” writes Mazal Mualem.

Yair Lapid says he would form unity government with Likud,

vFollowing a number of political maneuvers suggesting insiders see the possibility of elections on the horizon, Yesh Atid chairman Yair Lapid said Thursday that if he were tasked with forming a coalition he would reach out to both left- and right-wing parties in an effort to form a national unity government.

Government proposal could see more political control over public broadcaster,

Amid ongoing uncertainty over the future of Israel’s new public broadcasting company, the government is reportedly working on a proposal that would enable the institution’s long-delayed launch — but only in return for increased control over the country’s media landscape.

Palestinian politics

Hamas said set to recognize Palestine on 1967 borders, but not Israel,

Hamas is reportedly planning to endorse a state of Palestine along the 1967 borders — a move that would be a monumental shift from the group’s long-held policy of reclaiming all of historic Palestine — though it won’t recognize Israel’s legitimacy.