Forcing Compromise in Israel and Palestine

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Peace process

Book review - The Only Language They Understand: Forcing Compromise in Israel and Palestine,

Nathan Thrall, a highly regarded Israel-Palestine analyst at the International Crisis Group, argues in a new book, that instead of leaving the Israelis and Palestinians alone or limply warning of the peril facing Israeli democracy if a two-state solution isn’t achieved, the only weapon in the US arsenal that has ever produced meaningful gains on the issue is force—diplomatic, economic, or otherwise.

Will EU take the lead on two-state solution?,

“The European Union is developing a new Middle East policy, which will not depend on the Trump administration,” writes Uri Savir.

White House says no ‘formal negotiations’ with Israel on settlements,

The White House is not holding “formal negotiations” with Israel over its settlement presence in the West Bank — contrary to widespread reporting in US and Israeli media — an administration official told The Times of Israel on Sunday.

Open Secrets: The UAE’s Deals With Israel,

“The UAE’s underhanded dealings with Israel, aided by Mohammed Dahlan and facilitated by countries like Jordan, provide a sobering and disappointing reminder that Palestinians are being betrayed by some of the people closest to them,” writes


Unwilling or Unable: Israeli Restrictions on Access to and from Gaza for Human Rights Workers,

For the last 25 years, Israel has imposed increasingly strict restrictions on travel to and from the Gaza Strip.

Hamas warns 'collaborators' after slaying of official in Gaza,

The Islamist Hamas group in Gaza said on Saturday that “radical measures” will be taken against Palestinians who “collaborated” with Israel, a week after one of its military commanders was murdered.

Occupation/Human rights

The most satisfied group between the river and the sea,

“A new poll shows that among Israeli settlers, a striking 74 percent say that conditions in Israel these days are good or very good. The same cannot be said for their Palestinian neighbors,” writes Dahlia Scheindlin.

Why 'it's not apartheid' arguments fail: Response to NYT op-ed,

The tragic reality is it doesn’t actually matter if Israel is a carbon copy of apartheid’s policies or not. It doesn’t matter whether the mentality is rooted in obsolete racial ideologies, or in the desire to decimate Palestinian statehood. The result is a systemic separation of Arabs from Jews, by education, by opportunity, by land, roads and water and, in the West Bank, by law.

Israeli politics

Former senior Likud minister Sa’ar announces return to politics,

Former Likud minister Gideon Sa’ar, widely seen as a major potential challenger to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu from within the ranks of the party, announced his political comeback at the party’s headquarters in the northern city of Acre on Monday.

Explained: What’s the story with Netanyahu and the media?,

The editor of Israeli media watchdog The Seventh Eye, Shuki Tausig, explains the current scandals involving Netanyahu and the media, and what they mean for journalism and democracy in Israel.