The Gaza blockade is a humanitarian disaster and a security threat

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Has Israel recognized link between Gaza blockade, security threat?,

“The report of Israel’s state comptroller about the management of the 2014 war in the Gaza Strip evokes officially for the first time the linkage between the distress of Gaza residents and the Hamas campaign against Israel,” writes Shlomi Eldar.

Gaza report: 'Not about justice for Israel's victims',

The Israeli leadership shows no signs of heeding the lessons of an official report into the 2014 Gaza war that led to massive destruction and loss of life in the tiny coastal enclave, Palestinians warned this week.

Volatile and dangerous: a look at the humanitarian crisis in Gaza,

While Israel is engrossed in the comptroller’s report on the Security Cabinet’s behavior during Operation Protective Edge, over in the Gaza Strip there is a growing sense of civil unrest: with shoddy water infrastructure, polluted ground water, power outages and massive unemployment, Gaza is looking more and more like a powder keg in the making.

Opinion: Israel has no Gaza policy,

“A recently published report on the 2014 Gaza war reveals that Israel failed to develop its own goals before launching the war and still has not developed a real strategy concerning the Gaza Strip,” writes Ben Caspit.

Occupation/Human rights

Opinion: The roots of Israeli apartheid,

“For decades, Israeli law has enshrined the principles of apartheid, stripping Palestinians of their rights for the purposes of maintaining Israel’s grip on power,” writes Yousef Munayyer.

Right-wing lawmaker’s home may be built on private Palestinian land,

The home of MK Bezalel Smotrich may be built on private Palestinian land in the West Bank, according to reports Wednesday.

VIDEO: Israeli comedian slams 'apartheid' state's treatment of Palestinians on live TV,

Israeli TV host, comedian and comedy writer Assaf Harel used the final episode of his show “Good Night with Assaf Harel” on Wednesday night to draw attention to the stark differences in living standards in Israel, and to denounce the treatment of Palestinians.

Opinion: Only Two States - Nothing Else,

Jerusalem’s false unity and real discrimination is no model for a state which claims to be the only democracy in the Middle East.

‘Heartbreak’: Israel’s cruel policy of splitting families,

Since the Hamas takeover of Gaza in 2007, Israel has permitted visits between the two areas by immediate family only, according to a special procedure that applies in cases that fall within its narrow definition of “humanitarian”: serious illness, a wedding, or mourning. Only 25% of requests that fit this definition have been approved.

Israeli politics

Coalition MKs to renew push for Ma’ale Adumim annexation,

After delaying efforts to extend Israeli sovereignty to Jerusalem-area settlement at Trump’s request, lawmakers are set to introduce the controversial bill to the Knesset.

Palestinian politics

Palestinians more pessimistic about peace with Israel under Trump — poll,

The majority of Palestinians have become increasingly pessimistic at the prospect of reaching a peace deal with Israel since the election of US President Donald Trump, a new poll published on Thursday indicated.

Why some in Fatah aren't pleased about new deputy leader,

Marwan Barghouti was not selected for the position of deputy leader of Fatah, despite the many votes he won during Fatah’s 7th congress, raising criticism within the movement.