Israel imposes entry ban on foreign boycott activists

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Israeli politics

Israel imposes entry ban on foreign boycott activists,

On Monday, Israel’s parliament voted into law a bill that denies entry visas to foreign nationals who publicly call or support any kind of boycott — economic, cultural or academic — against Israel or its West Bank Jewish settlements.

Opinion: Israel just got more BDS than BDS,

“Monday, the Knesset passed a law supposedly aimed at the Boycott, Divest, Sanctions movement,” writes Israeli MK Tamar Zandberg (Meretz). “Not only does it fail to combat BDS, it arguably helps the cause.”

Opinion: Israel's Travel Ban: How Banning Settlement Boycotters Is Driving Me Into the Arms of BDS,

“Israel’s entry ban on settlement boycotters has left me, and many other anti-occupation Diaspora Jews with deep ties to the Jewish state, bewildered, frustrated and unmoored,” writes Mira Sucharov.

Opinion: The New Anti-boycott Law Is anti-Zionist and anti-Jewish,

“Frustrated by their failure to annex, right wingers exact a price tag from opponents of Jewish presence in the West Bank,” writes Chemi Shalev.

US-Israel relations

Opinion: David Friedman unfit to be ambassador to Israel,

“The U.S. ambassador to Israel is one of the most sensitive diplomatic postings in the world,” writes Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA). “In David Friedman, President Trump has nominated someone who lacks the necessary temperament to serve in such a crucial position.”

Congress: No Aid for Palestinians?,

The U.S. aid program for the Palestinians is already probably the most scrutinized, vetted, conditioned, and restricted aid program the U.S. has anywhere in the world – but that has never been an obstacle to adding more conditions.

Occupation/Human rights

Israel, Palestine, and Nonterritorial Governance: A Reconfigured Status Quo,

Despite deep distrust between the Palestinians and Israelis, key structural factors make nonterritorial governance relevant to the Israeli-Palestinian case.

Exit through the checkpoint: Inside Banksy's new Bethlehem hotel,

Every room overlooks the West Bank separation wall, the lobby features a Greek statue choking on teargas, and faux-security cameras dot the corridors. Welcome to “The Walled Off Hotel,” the new Bethlehem-based project from British street artist and enfant terrible Banksy.

Israeli soldiers stand by as settlers attack civilians in West Bank village,

Instead of attending to protesters wounded by settlers, including an Israeli photographer pushed off a five-foot terrace, a man dressed as a medic assaults another protester.


Gaza's healthcare crumbling under Israeli siege,

Only a few of those living in Gaza receive necessary medical attention because of Israel’s continued siege.