Israel may annex parts of the West Bank to Jerusalem

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Israeli Ministers Set to Vote on Annexing West Bank Settlements to Jerusalem,

Ministers will vote Sunday on annexing Israeli local authorities beyond the Green Line to Jerusalem following several long delays. The bill is expected to win the support of the panel and be sent to the Knesset floor for approval.

PLO: Jerusalem ‘annexation’ plan means end of two-state solution,

Senior Palestinian official Hanan Ashrawi said Israeli plans to incorporate West Bank settlement blocs around Jerusalem into the city could kill hopes for an independent Palestinian state.

Motorola, HP said to be on UN blacklist of settlement-friendly companies,

A United Nations blacklist of companies operating in the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and the Golan Heights reportedly includes some of the biggest Israeli and international firms.

Israel to green-light construction of 700 East Jerusalem homes,

The plans, set to be authorized on Wednesday by the Jerusalem Planning and Building Committee, include 500 new housing units in Ramat Shlomo and 200 in nearby Ramot, Jerusalem Deputy Mayor Meir Turgeman told The Times of Israel Thursday.

New Jewish neighborhood reportedly planned for East Jerusalem,

The government has reportedly set aside millions of shekels to lay the groundwork for a new Jewish neighborhood in East Jerusalem.

Netanyahu Meets Settler Leaders, Pledges $230 Million for West Bank Settlement Development,

Hundreds of millions of shekels will be invested in developing infrastructure throughout the West Bank, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu promised settler leaders on Wednesday.

Israeli Settler Leader Behind Illegal West Bank Construction to Head Outpost Legalization Team,

A prominent West Bank settler leader who has been involved in illegal construction, was appointed on Thursday to lead an official panel tasked with finding ways to legalize unauthorized outposts in the West Bank.

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From whom is the IDF protecting Palestinian farmers?,

“Israeli military officials may be carrying out their respective roles, coordinating between farmers and security forces in order to allow them to work their land, but is the harvest season really going off without a hitch? Why do Palestinian farmers need protection in the first place? And from whom?” asks Yael Marom.

Israel's Largest Bank Blocking Human Rights NGO From Receiving Foreign Donation,

Bank Hapoalim, Israel’s largest lender, is refusing to let a $100,000 donation enter the bank account of Rabbis for Human Rights, claiming that the state has not confirmed the group’s tax status via the form for deducting such donations from tax.

FIFA delays taking action on Israeli settlement teams,

International football’s governing body has once again postponed a decision to take action on the future of six Israeli football clubs based in illegal settlements in the occupied West Bank.

US-Israeli/Palestinian relations

Texas town removes Israel boycott clause from residents’ hurricane relief application,

Private citizens who apply for Hurricane Harvey rebuilding funds in Dickinson, Texas no longer have to certify that they will not boycott Israel.

U.S. Unfazed by Israeli Bill That Would Annex Settlements Because Still Far From Passing,

The U.S. State Department signaled on Thursday that it was not worried by an Israeli bill that would annex settlements in the West Bank to Jerusalem, because the legislation is a long way from being approved by the Knesset, and could perhaps never even reach that point.

US Vice President Pence to visit Israel in December,

The White House says Mike Pence, set to arrive during Hanukkah, will discuss prospects for a peace deal in separate meetings with Netanyahu and Abbas.

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Top minister: Settlement boycott equals Israel boycott,

Minister of Strategic Affairs Gilad Erdan told The Associated Press that all boycotts against Israel are illegitimate, a stance that could put him at odds with some of Israel’s closest allies and the many American Jews who strongly support Israel but object to its policy of settling in the West Bank.

Ultra-Orthodox UTJ threatens to torpedo ‘Greater Jerusalem’ bill,

The ultra-Orthodox United Torah Judaism party threatened to torpedo the “Greater Jerusalem” bill for fear that expanding the city borders will make it less likely the capital will have an ultra-Orthodox mayor.


Senior Hamas official wounded in Gaza car explosion,

A senior security official for Hamas who is responsible for Hamas’ efforts against the Islamic State and other Islamist groups was moderately wounded when his car exploded after Friday prayers in Gaza.

10 things that can be done to improve economic activity in Gaza,

Gisha’s over-arching ask remains that individual security inspections be the only condition on which both people and goods transit through crossings.

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Palestinian reconciliation takes its toll on new PA budget,

The Palestinian reconciliation will require a substantial increase in the PA budget, including new hires for security and resolving the ongoing crisis involving civil servants appointed by Hamas.