How Israel occupies Gaza; Bedouins in Israel, West Bank face home demolitions

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Gaza: 50 Shades of Control,

The occupation looks different in Areas A, B and C. This is what it looks like in Gaza.

Gaza: Israel's experiment on humans in a situation of extreme stress and deprivation,

“Although Israel withdrew its military and its settlers from the Gaza Strip, it retains sole responsibility for many other aspects of life in Gaza. This makes Israel responsible for providing electricity for Gaza’s residents,” writes Gideon Levy.

Occupation/Human rights

1,800 East Jerusalem homes set for approval for Jewish residents,

During meetings set for both this Tuesday and July 16, the Finance Ministry body is slated to approve a stage known as “depositing” for over 1,060 homes in the Pisgat Ze’ev neighborhood and 684 units in the Gilo, Neve Ya’akov, and Ramot neighborhoods.

Dismantling the occupation — brick by brick, book by book,

+972 catches up with American Jewish authors Ayelet Waldman and Michael Chabon in Susya, a tiny Palestinian village in the southern West Bank, as they promote their new book about 50 years of occupation.

A new Jewish settlement begins to rise in the West Bank,

Palestinians say its construction makes their dream of a contiguous state further away than ever.

Bedouin village braces for a new round of demolitions,

It has been half a year since Israeli police killed Yacoub Abu al-Qi’an during the demolition of his home. Now the police are back to demolish structures donated to provide shelter to his children.

Bedouins in the West Bank hold fast to their land — as pressure builds for them to leave,

Many Palestinians and rights activists worry that evicting the Bedouins to make way for settlement growth would create an Israeli wedge between the northern and southern West Bank, making the creation of a contiguous Palestinian state physically impossible.

High Court Rules Against Demolition of Abu Khdeir Killers' Homes,

Israeli judges rejected a petition filed by victim’s parents to demolish homes of Jewish murderers but insists demolition policy applies equally to Jews and Arabs.

Israel seizes solar panels donated to Palestinians by Dutch government,

Israeli authorities insist that stop-work orders were issued before soldiers carried out raid on solar farm which allegedly did not have proper building permits.

Palestinian politics

PA pushes 6,000 Gaza civil servants to retire,

Palestinian Authority forces thousands in Gaza into early retirement in latest move to apply pressure on Hamas.

Improving ties between Egypt and Hamas unsettle Palestinian politics,

A series of meetings between Hamas and senior officials in Cairo in recent weeks points to improving ties between Egypt and the Islamist Palestinian movement, with implications for Gaza, Palestinian politics and the wider region.

The Political Education of Mahmoud Abbas,

How the Palestinian leader tried to escape the ghost of Yasser Arafat.

Abbas to Meet al-Sissi in Cairo Under Shadow of Rift With Hamas,

The two leaders will discuss regional developments, including stepped up settlement activity by Israel in the West Bank, according to a Palestinian news agency. But for Abbas, the real issue of the day is warming relations between Egypt, Hamas and political rival Mohammed Dahlan.

Opinion: Don’t Historicize the Balfour Declaration: The Past is Still the Palestinians’ Present,

“Despite claims of a commitment to peace, Britain has shown that it is Israel’s ally,” writes Yara Hawari.

Israeli politics

Isaac Herzog defeated in reelection bid to lead Labor Party,

Israel’s opposition leader Isaac Herzog was defeated in his bid for reelection as head of the Labor Party.

How Israel’s education minister inserts ideology into schools,

Israeli Education Minister Naftali Bennett is working diligently to insert nationalistic and right-wing ideology contents into the schools’ curricula.

US-Israeli/Palestinian relations

US envoy Friedman meets with J Street ‘kapos’,

Following Jeremy Ben-Ami’s meeting with Friedman, which was closed to the press, the group released a statement that stressed the importance of maintaining “an open line of communication” with people “different political backgrounds.”