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"Kerry has finally decided to take no for an answer": why he gave his big Israel speech,

Vox News interviews FMEP’s Matthew Duss on what Secretary of State John Kerry’s speech on Israeli-Palestinian peace means.

US-Israel relations

Opinion: Is Israel Abandoning a Two-State Solution?,

“Over the past week, differences between Israel and the United States have boiled over into a scalding diplomatic confrontation between these closest of allies. The dispute reflects not any change in American policy, but a dangerous evolution in Israeli policy, under the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, away from an acceptance of a negotiated two-state resolution to Israel’s conflict with the Palestinians,” writes the NY Times editorial board.

Arab states welcome Kerry’s framework for Israeli-Palestinian peace,

Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Qatar say principles consistent with their vision for solving the conflict, and with Arab Peace Initiative.

Opinion: Has Obama “Betrayed” Israel at the UN?,

“The tragedy is that everything that President Obama and his predecessors have done to protect Israel’s security will have been for naught as Netanyahu’s mad drive with the settlements towards an apartheid regime threatens to end Israel’s existence as a democratic and Jewish state, something its enemies could not have achieved on their own,” writes Henry Siegman.

Opinion: Obama, Trump and the Settlers,

“Israel’s deep settler state has frustrated American presidents for decades. Trump is about to learn some harsh lessons,” writes Martin Indyk.

Palestinian politics

With the two-state solution a distant dream, Palestinians ask if it's time to push for a one-state solution,

As Palestinians see prospects for the so-called two-state solution disintegrating, a growing number are mulling over a provocative alternative: a single binational state from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean.

Israeli politics

Israel Right Winger Says John Kerry Is 100% Right — the Two-State Solution Is Dead,

Israel’s top far right wing politician said John Kerry got things 100% right when he said many Israeli leaders are dead-set against the two-state solution — but Naftali Bennett insisted that’s what makes Kerry so wrong to push for a Palestinian state.

Occupation/Human rights

Opinion: Kerry implicitly acknowledges two states is all but a fantasy now,

“The Secretary of State asked if they really wanted to live with the moral consequences of a one-state reality. He doesn’t understand this isn’t an issue that preoccupies the average Jewish citizen of Israel,” writes Lisa Goldman.

Israeli doctors refusing to force feed Palestinian hunger strikers,

The Knesset passed a law allowing courts to order doctors to force feed Palestinian hunger strikers. But the doctors, it appears, aren’t so keen on violating basic principles of medical ethics.

With clock ticking, Palestinians pin hopes on Paris summit,

After a pair of diplomatic victories, the Palestinians are now setting their sights on a Mideast peace conference in France next month in a bid to rally support as they prepare for the uncertainty of the Trump administration.