PA arrests Issa Amro; JVP tells teens not to go on Birthright trips

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Occupation/Human rights

PA security forces arrest prominent human rights activist Issa Amro,

Palestinian authorities reportedly arrested Amro, an activist with Youth Against Settlements, for criticizing the PA in a Facebook post. Amro, who is also facing charges in Israeli military court for his political activism, has been recognized by the EU and UN as a human rights defender.

Rights groups slam PA for detaining Palestinian activist,

Leading rights groups called Tuesday for the release of a prominent Palestinian activist who was detained after criticizing the government of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas.

Jewish Voice For Peace Tells Teens Not To Go On Birthright,

The pro-Palestinian group Jewish Voice for Peace is calling on young Jewish adults to eschew the free trip to the Jewish state offered by Birthright Israel.

Israeli police evict family of Palestinians from home of 50 years,

The Shamasneh family has for years been fighting a court battle against Jewish claimants who said that the building was their family property, which they fled when east Jerusalem was occupied by Jordanian troops in the 1948 war that led to the creation of Israel.

Court gives Hebron squatters reprieve as evacuation looms,

Fifteen settler families illegally squatting in Hebron’s Machpela House were given at least another week to remain in the disputed building on Sunday after filing a petition with the High Court of Justice.

Palestinian poet's show trial goes on stage for all to see,

Hundreds of Palestinians and Jews came to show support for Palestinian poet Dareen Tatour last week, who has been under house arrest for almost two years for publishing a poem on Facebook.

Do I look like a terrorist? The dangers of facial profiling,

An Israeli company has developed new technology to help identify terrorists according to their facial characteristics.

Israeli authorities deny settlers set up mobile homes near Nablus,

Ghassan Daghlas, who monitors settlement activities in the northern West Bank, said that the structures were set up only a few meters away from the site where Israeli authorities plan to build the new Amihai settlement, Israel’s first new official settlement to be established in the occupied West Bank in 25 years.

Israeli politics

New Arrests in Israel’s Submarine Scandal, and New Questions on Netanyahu,

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is not a suspect in the so-called submarine affair, one of the corruption scandals rocking Israel. But with his personal lawyer, the man he appointed as national security adviser, and now his former chief of staff among the expanding parade of suspects, analysts and critics assert that if Mr. Netanyahu did not know what was going on, he should have.


Who’s afraid of BDS?,

“The Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement is flawed, but has good intentions,” writes Alex Nichols.

Canada's Largest Private-sector Union, Unifor, Adopts Boycott Motion,

The motion, which passed “easily,” was entitled “Palestinian Self-Determination and the Movement for Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions” and calls for the organization to utilize boycotts with regard to “sectors of Israel’s economy and society which profit from the ongoing occupation of the occupied Palestinian territories.”

Palestinian politics

Opinion: The Strategy Palestinians Need to Develop,

“The Palestinian leadership needs to stop acting as if the only games in town are “initiatives” coming from the administration or votes at the UN. They need to recognize that American opinion is changing and develop confidence that it can change further,” writes Jim Zogby.


Letter from Gaza: 'Alive due to lack of death',

Gaza-born Jehad Abusalim describes the devastating effects of Israel’s blockade on the daily lives of Palestinians.

US-Israeli/Palestinian relations

David Friedman refers to 'alleged' Israeli occupation,

The new US ambassador to Israel has described as “alleged” the Israeli occupation of Palestine, in his first interview since taking office. In the interview, published by the Jerusalem Post on Friday, David Friedman also claimed that US President Donald Trump – who is his close friend – will eventually deliver on his campaign promise and move the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.