What We’re Reading: 2019 Israeli elections edition

What We’re Reading

Israel election: voters go to polls as Netanyahu seeks fifth term,

Israelis have begun voting in a tight election race viewed as a referendum on Benjamin Netanyahu, who hopes to extend his decade-long stretch in power to become the country’s longest-serving prime minister.

Opinion: The best outcome of these elections is if things don't get worse,

Israeli elections have turned into a referendum on the annexation of the West Bank — but that’s not something for Israel to decide. Five thoughts on Israel’s upcoming elections.

Likud placed 1,200 hidden cameras in polling stations in Arab communities,

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told reporters Tuesday afternoon that cameras are necessary to “ensure a fair vote.”

Netanyahu’s promise to annex the West Bank settlements, explained,

Just days before Israel was to hold national elections, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu promised to annex parts of the West Bank as Israeli territory.

Israel approves thousands of new West Bank housing units,

A Defense Ministry committee approved plans for the construction of at least 3,659 new housing units in the West Bank.