Revitalizing Palestinian nationalism; Crisis between US Jews, Israel over Western Wall

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Palestinian politics

Revitalizing Palestinian Nationalism: Options Versus Realities,

Palestinian nationalism seems to be at a critical juncture, with no clear way forward. A new study by the Carnegie Endowment examines possible avenues for national renewal.

US-Israeli/Palestinian relations

Support for Israel could wane with Western Wall deal frozen, Presidents Conference warns,

An erosion of American Jewish support for Israel could result from the freezing of the Western Wall agreement, an influential Jewish umbrella group said in a letter to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Opinion: It's Only About Them: U.S. Jews' Outrage on the Wall, Silence on the Occupation Is Obscene,

“When Gaza was left to choke, when the occupation hit 50, when Bibi and Trump were having a lovefest, the only issue American Jewish leaders made a scene about was egalitarian prayer at the Western Wall,” writes Simone Zimmerman.

The Chicago Dyke March And The Israel Project: Guilty Of The Same Intolerance,

“To welcome Jews so long as they renounce Zionism is as dehumanizing as welcoming Palestinians so long as they as they endorse Zionism. It’s a way of saying: We’re happy to have you, so long as you deny the experience that makes you who you are,” writes Peter Beinart.

Occupation/Human rights

Decades of failed peace talks: How Israel negotiates with itself,

“For 50 years Israel has maintained full control over the entire land, economy, borders, movement and natural resources between the river and the sea. The only thing Palestinians have to offer Israel in peace talks is international legitimacy. But Israel doesn’t need peace to gain legitimacy — it needs an endless peace process,” writes Noam Sheizaf.

Israeli army says Palestinian olive grove torched by West Bank settlers,

Suspected Jewish extremists set fire to a Palestinian olive grove near the West Bank village of Burin on Wednesday, burning hundreds of trees, the Israeli army said.

Israeli Extremists Beat Three Palestinians in Jerusalem: 'Police Did Nothing',

When a Jewish teen who attempted to help Palestinians tried to file a complaint, police said they had no knowledge of the incident.

Two Youth Clubs and Park in Israeli Settlement Efrat Built Illegally,

The settlement of Efrat in Gush Etzion violated building laws by building a youth club and another building illegally. An examination of aerial photographs of the settlement shows that the local West Bank council built two buildings and a park on an area that is outside the settlement’s jurisdictional boundaries that might be private Palestinian land.

Israeli politics

Arab party chair Ayman Odeh meets Pope Francis,

The Knesset’s Joint List head told the Vatican of urgency of ending Israel’s occupation of the West Bank and reaching peace deal.


Israel freezes visits to Hamas prisoners amid talks over troops’ remains,

Hamas on Thursday said that Israel had stopped allowing Gazan members of the terror group serving time in Israeli prisons to receive visits from family members, in a move intended to ramp up pressure amid negotiations for the return of three Israeli civilians and the bodies of two soldiers being held in the Strip.

Hamas begins building security 'buffer zone' on Egypt border,

Members of Hamas say they had begun building a new buffer zone along the southern border with Egypt on Wednesday, as some inside the Palestinian movement seek improved ties with Cairo.

Gaza’s power crisis cripples farmers,

The repercussions of the power crisis hitting the Gaza Strip, receiving less than four hours of daily supply, are now reflected in the agricultural sector and threatening food security in Gaza.