Making the case for Palestinian self-determination

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Occupation/Human rights

Talking Palestine: What Frame of Analysis? Which Goals and Messages?,

Palestinians are mired in a one or two-state debate that leapfrogs the need for a process of decolonization and reparations, argue Al-Shabaka Policy Analysts Nadia Hijab and Ingrid Jaradat Gassner. The authors compare different frameworks of analysis and conclude the anti-apartheid framework is most strategic in furthering Palestinian goals in the absence of a near-term political settlement.

When shooting a teen in the back is a 'professional error',

An IDF brigade commander shot a Palestinian teen who threw a rock at his jeep, while the boy was running away, and then left him bleeding on the road. Initially, the colonel claimed his life was in danger. With each subsequent interrogation, the story changed.

Israel's 'slow' plan for peace,

Israeli politicians are arguing that at least 10 years of calm and negotiations are required before the possibility of founding an independent Palestinian state.

Palestinian politics

Gaza pay cuts deepen rift between PA and Hamas,

Negative social and economic repercussions are feared in Gaza after the PA imposes workers’ salaries cuts.

How Palestinians plan to overcome electricity shortages,

The Palestinian government is establishing a “new electricity market” that will draw power from various sources but will be supervised by a government-owned company.

Israeli settlements

Netanyahu’s Settlement Scam,

“At a meeting last week, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told his cabinet that Israel would adopt a new policy for settlement expansion to mollify the US administration,” writes Mitchell Plitnick. “Netanyahu’s announcement may be intended to create the framework for settlement expansion in the Trump era.”

Turmus Aya's Palestinians threatened by settlement plan,

Around 4000 Palestinians live in fear over recent encroachment from Israeli settlements.

When remembering the Sabbath day enables settler violence,

Settler violence on the Sabbath is not uncommon in the West Bank: Israeli civilians feel emboldened to attack Palestinians, knowing that law enforcement will refrain from taking serious action until the following week.

Construction of Illegal West Bank Settlement Outpost Frozen by Israel's Top Court,

Israel’s top court ordered an immediate halt to any construction in the illegal outpost of Kerem Re’im in the central West Bank.

US-Israel relations

Opinion: Israel Isn’t a Fan of the Trump Doctrine,

“Israeli officials’ public praise for the [US] attack [on Syria] contrasts sharply with their privately expressed skepticism that Washington has carefully thought through its next steps in Syria,” write Amos Harel.

Evangelicals Lead The Call To Cut Palestinian Aid, Despite Israel’s Reservations,

“Cutting US financial aid to the PA would send the wrong message to Palestinians, Israelis and Americans who have a strong national security interest in bolstering the PA as a stable, viable governing body that closely cooperates with Israel in fighting terrorism,” Americans for Peace Now’s Ori Nir tells The Forward.


Will Hamas respond to leader's assassination?,

Hamas is still considering its options on how to respond to the assassination of its military leader, Mazen Faqha, which was blamed on Israel.

Israeli politics

The political scenarios to defeat Netanyahu in early elections,

“With the prospect for early elections in Israel, the Zionist Camp must decide whether to join forces with left-wing Meretz and its liberal-humanist ideology or tag along with Yesh Atid leader Yair Lapid,” writes Akiva Eldar.