Top news stories from Israel/Palestine: April 17, 2019

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Israel court orders expulsion of Human Rights Watch director,

An Israeli court on Tuesday upheld a deportation order against Human Rights Watch’s local director and gave him two weeks to leave the country.

Palestinian BDS Founder Barghouti on Being Denied Entry to U.S.: Israel Outsources Repression,

BDS co-founder Omar Barghouti said Monday he was “hurt but not deterred” after being denied entry to the United States last week while trying to board a plane in Israel. Barghouti was speaking at a lecture at New York University he had been scheduled to attend in person as part of his U.S. speaking tour. His appearance came instead via a live video feed.

Georgetown Law’s ICAP Files Amicus Brief Arguing Arkansas’s Anti-BDS Law Violates First Amendment,

Georgetown Law’s Institute for Constitutional Advocacy and Protection (ICAP) argued in an amicus brief filed today that Arkansas Act 710 violates the First Amendment by prohibiting the practice of consumer boycotts of Israel by any company or person who contracts with the state.

Occupation/Human rights

The Israeli-Palestinian peace process is dead. An expert explains why.,

“If your solution does not include self-determination for everyone, and basic civil, human, and political rights for everyone — it’s not a real process.” Vox interviews Khaled Elgindy on his new book.

Israeli forces start demolition of controversial East Jerusalem neighborhood,

The Israeli Civil Administration accompanied by a large number of armed forces and bulldozers began the demolition of a Palestinian neighborhood in East Jerusalem that is home to some 500 families among 60 different buildings, which were built without permission from the Israeli housing authority.

Opinion: A new generation is ready to stand with Palestinians,

“While it seems as though the situation for Palestinians on the ground has never been worse, the possibilities of change in the United States and among Palestinian youths have never been so encouraging,” writes Noura Erekat.

US-Israeli/Palestinian relations

Trump Now Expects Payback From Netanyahu. It Could Blow Up the Middle East,

Trump helped Netanyahu get re-elected. Now it’s Netanyahu’s turn to help Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign – by playing along with the Kushner ‘peace plan’ and by ramping up tension with Iran.