Top news stories from Israel/Palestine: April 24, 2019

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FMEP in the News

Why So Much Fuss about a Conference in North Carolina?,

“The ongoing hullabaloo” over a UNC-Duke conference “highlights escalating efforts to delegitimize airing of facts that are unflattering to Israel, stifle criticism of Israel, & deny Palestinians the right & ability to communicate their own experiences and perspectives,” writes Lara Friedman.

US-Israeli/Palestinian relations

Two-state solution ‘failed,’ Jared Kushner says,

Jared Kushner said “the two-state solution failed,” setting up the likelihood that the peace plan he expects to release soon will include limited autonomy for Palestinians.

The logic behind US humiliation of the Palestinians,

It seems Kushner’s main goal is to break the Palestinians’ spirit and their hope for a sovereign state on all territories occupied in 1967, in order to force them to settle for autonomy in parts of these territories with a down-the-road option for a “Gaza first” pseudo-state, conditional on good behaviour.


Opinion: If You Only Denounce anti-Semitism When Politically Convenient, You're Part of the Problem,

“When politicians find their voice only in contesting anti-Semitism from political opponents, they probably don’t care about it,” writes Ira Forman.

Occupation/Human rights

Israel Was Built on the Backs of Palestinian Laborers,

Marginalized Arab workers have always done the physical work of building the Jewish “national home.”

Israel supporters try to shut down UMass forum about efforts by Israel supporters to shut down debate,

Sponsors had hoped to bring Hanan Ashrawi from Palestine. But she did not receive a visa over several weeks during which the event was organized.

Look at the Photos, Netanyahu,

The reality in the occupied territories is conveyed to the citizens of Israel almost exclusively via the Israeli army spokesman. But photographs and video clips of confrontations between the Israeli army and Palestinians make it possible to demonstrate the horrifying discrepancy between the statements that the army feeds Israelis in shaping their consciousness of the situation, and the actual reality.