Top news stories from Israel/Palestine: August 6, 2018

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US-Israeli/Palestinian relations

Trump and Allies Seek End to Refugee Status for Millions of Palestinians,

“It’s very clear that the overarching goal here is to eliminate the Palestinian refugees as an issue by defining them out of existence,” said Lara Friedman, the president of the Foundation for Middle East Peace.

Trump staffs up Mideast team for peace plan rollout,

U.S. officials say the Trump administration is staffing up a Middle East policy team at the White House in anticipation of unveiling its long awaited but largely mysterious Israeli-Palestinian peace plan.

Jerusalem approves major US embassy expansion,

The Jerusalem municipality approved building permits to enlarge the size of the U.S. embassy, which relocated to the Israeli capital on May 14.

Senate solidifies $38 billion aid package for Israel,

The U.S. Senate passed a measure that would codify into law the $38 billion defense aid package for Israel over 10 years that was negotiated in the final days of the Obama administration.

Occupation/Human rights

State is funding settler institute squatting illegally in Palestinian home,

The Culture Ministry has been funding an Israeli religious institute whose founders illegally took over a Palestinian home in the central West Bank and have continued to operate at the site under IDF protection for over 15 years.

Settler Violence: A Rotten System, Not Just Rotten Apples,

Over the last few weeks, the settlers in the West Bank city of Hebron have ramped up their harassment of Breaking the Silence activists who lead tours of the city for Israelis and internationals.

Israeli politics

Who needs a Nation-State Law? What Israelis really think,

Several polls show that a surprising coalition of Israelis oppose the Jewish Nation-State Law, or at least think it is unnecessary and harmful.

Why the Israeli Left can't reconcile with the most Zionist law,

“For seven decades, those on the Zionist Left have been reluctant to grapple with Israel’s history of discrimination against its Palestinian minority. With the Jewish Nation-State Law, they have no choice — and that’s what really hurts.”