Top news stories from Israel/Palestine: August 7, 2018

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Israeli politics

Deluge of opposition to Israel’s nation state bill builds with new court petition,

Israel’s Arab leaders filed a petition to the high court Tuesday against a controversial new “nation-state” law, adding to a deluge of opposition to the bill that critics brand an undemocratic betrayal of minority communities.

New Israel Fund accuses gov't of political harassment against activists,

The New Israel Fund accused the government of political harassment against pro-Palestinian activists after two Jewish-American women who are legal residents in Israel were detained for four hours at the Sinai border on Monday following a vacation there and, according to the activists, asked questions of a political nature about their organizational affiliations.

Israeli Right-wing Bot Network Exposed – and It May Be the Tip of the Iceberg,

Israeli investigator Noam Rotem has uncovered fake social media accounts spreading false rumors about the left and intensifying political opinions.

Trump peace plan

With Threats Against UNRWA, Trump Attempts to Destroy a Palestinian Political Asset,

The administration thinks this tactic will make it easier for it to impose the ‘deal of the century’ – that is, the surrender agreement – on the Palestinians.

Occupation/Human rights

Israeli Officer Who Killed Stone-throwing Palestinian Teen Tapped for Major Promotion,

Col. Yisrael Shomer, who was filmed shooting dead a fleeing Palestinian teen, will be taking command of the Nahal Brigade, the Israel Defense Forces announced Monday, as part of a series of personnel promotions.

Israel arrests six Palestinian journalists for 'incitement',

Dozens of Palestinian journalists protest to demand the release of 21 of their colleagues currently imprisoned by Israel.

Palestinians Accuse Their Own Security Services Of ‘Civil Rights’ Abuses,

Palestinian leaders and citizens are venting their anger and frustration over “civil rights” violations by Palestinian Authority (PA) Security Forces after an undercover anti-drug unit last week stormed bars and restaurants in Ramallah searching for prohibited substances.