Top news stories from Israel/Palestine: August 8, 2018

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Occupation/Human rights

Fact and Fiction About the Amendment of the Israeli Supreme Court’s Jurisdiction Over West Bank Cases,

The Israeli legislature has taken another step toward blurring the lines distinguishing the Israeli legal system from the one that exists in the West Bank.

Opinion: The Shin Bet State Is Here,

As part of the war that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is waging against the “enemy within” – that is, anyone who thinks differently than he does – the state has adopted the despicable practices of a thought police in its attempt to intimidate and silence opponents of the occupation from Israel and abroad.

Israel Seeks to Triple Size of Isolated West Bank Settlement in Order to Legalize Outpost,

The state is planning to expand the isolated settlement of Amichai to nearly three times its current size so that it will include the outpost of Adei Ad, Haaretz has learned.

Khan al-Ahmar rejects relocation plan to Jericho site,

The families “reject the plan of the State of Israel and wish to continue living in Al Khan al-Ahmar,” their attorney Tawfiq Jabareen said on Tuesday.

BDS and Settlement boycotts

Ambassador David Friedman’s Top Aide Keeps Financial Ties To Anti-BDS Group,

A top aide to the U.S. ambassador to Israel has financial ties to entities involved in Israel policy or that could have business with the government, according to newly released disclosure forms.

Netanyahu: EU stops funding anti-Israel NGO,

The European Union will immediately stop funding an NGO “operating in Israel which undermines the State of Israel’s right to exist and seeks to defame it around the world,” the Prime Minister’s Office announced Tuesday evening.

US-Palestinian/Israeli relations

The American attempt to erase the Palestinian right of return,

US lawmakers began taking action to enact a law that would liquidate the issue of Palestinian refugees by recognising only about 40,000 of them, representing about 1 per cent of the over 5 million refugees.

Palestinian politics

Abbas tightens grip on Palestinian governmental bodies,

Some Palestinian factions claim President Mahmoud Abbas’ recent appointments for Executive Committee posts show that he is tightening his grip on the PLO.


Hamas-Israel truce to be unveiled late August: Source,

The source, who spoke to Anadolu Agency on condition of anonymity, said Hamas and Israel would observe a two-week trial cease-fire as part of the deal, which was brokered by Egypt and the UN (with input from Turkey and Qatar).