Top news stories from Israel/Palestine: January 25, 2019

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US-Israeli/Palestinian relations

The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Is Not a Bankruptcy Sale,

Simply put, Trump’s negotiators believe the Palestinian enterprise has failed and its leadership will have to accept pennies on the dollar in any settlement with Israel. But a bankruptcy sale is a poor analogue for a national conflict, and international politics cannot be easily reduced to a commercial transaction.

Israel working with Trump administration to get U.S. money to Palestinian security services,

Israeli officials are working with the Trump administration to maintain funding for Palestinian security forces.


After Hamas rejects Qatari aid, Israel girds for violent surge on Gaza border,

The Israeli military was gearing up Friday for renewed violence on the Gaza border, a day after Hamas rejected millions in Qatari aid money, ratcheting up tensions on the volatile frontier.

Occupation/Human rights

The Sadists Who Destroyed a Decades-old Palestinian Olive Grove Can Rest Easy,

Another Palestinian village joins the popular protest, its inhabitants no longer able to bear attacks by settlers. Vandals have butchered a grove of 35-year-old olive trees in the village. The tracks led to a nearby settler outpost.

Cars vandalized in West Bank town in suspected hate crime,

Police opened an investigation on Friday into the vandalism of three cars in the West Bank town of Turmusaya, close to the city of Ramallah.

Do counter-terror laws hamper international charities?,

Billions of people around the world need aid. But providing the help required isn’t as easy as it used to be. According to several NGO’s including Norwegian People’s Aid, that’s because of US counter-terrorism legislation.

Where is the National-Religious outrage about Jewish terror?,

“The idea of Jewish terrorism should be shocking and unthinkable, and yet when such incidents occur condemnation from community leaders, especially rabbis, has been scant.”

Palestinian politics

‘There is no trust’: Palestinian unrest continues over social security law,

Palestinians say they have little faith in Palestinian Authority as it seeks to implement a controversial social security law.

BDS and Settlement boycotts

Israel warns Ireland against criminalizing products from beyond '67 lines,

The passage of Irish legislation criminalizing selling goods and services originating beyond the 1967 lines will “have serious ramifications for Israel-Ireland relations and Ireland’s status in the region,” The Foreign Ministry warned Ireland’s ambassador Alison Kelly on Friday.