Top news stories from Israel/Palestine: July 11, 2018

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Occupation/Human rights

Israel Announces Demolition of Bedouin Village 'Within Days' Despite Temporary Injunction,

On Tuesday, in response to another petition that was submitted last week, the state informed the court that it intends to demolish the village in another few days.

China to offer aid to Palestinians, seeks greater role in the Middle East,

China will offer 100 million yuan ($15 million) in aid to Palestinians, President Xi Jinping said on Tuesday, pledging greater Chinese financial backing for development in the Middle East.

Israeli politics

Israel 'nation state' law clause would enshrine apartheid, warn critics,

In a step towards cementing a two-tier ethnic system in Israeli law, a parliamentary committee reviewed on Tuesday an article in a draft bill that would legalise the upholding of Jewish-only communities.

Likud said mulling retreat from measure allowing Jewish-only communities,

The ruling Likud party is reportedly discussing removing a controversial clause in the nation-state bill that is seen as opening the door to the establishment of Jewish-only communities in Israel.


Israeli right dreams of third temple in Jerusalem,

“Right-wing Knesset members, Temple Mount loyalists, the Yeraeh movement and recently formed youth advocacy groups,” writes Shlomi Eldar, “not only want to experience the place where the ancient temples stood, they want to reconstruct the temple ‘speedily, in our times.'” (Netanyahu recently lifted a 3-year ban on visits by Israeli lawmakers to the Temple Mount/Haram al-Sharif.)

Jerusalem mufti issues land transfer fatwa,

The new fatwa (Islamic religious decree) forbids Muslims from “facilitating the transfer of ownership of any part of Jerusalem or the land of Palestine to the enemies.”

Report: Arab sector receives only 2% of welfare assoc. revenues,

A first-of-its kind study reviewing the scale of activities of Israel’s welfare associations revealed Wednesday that only two percent of the associations’ revenues go to the Arab sector.

US-Israeli/Palestinian relations

US administration silent on Israel's occupation policy,

“American carrots and sticks are no longer relevant in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict arena,” writes Akiva Eldar.

BDS and Settlement boycotts

Despite Government Opposition, Ireland Expected to Pass Bill Boycotting Israeli Settlement Products,

Ireland’s Senate will vote Wednesday on a bill to boycott products from West Bank settlements, and despite the Irish government’s prediction that the bill wouldn’t pass, it is now widely expected to do so.