Top news stories from Israel/Palestine: May 6, 2019

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Fragile Cease-Fire Takes Hold Between Israel and Gaza After Weekend Attacks,

A tentative cease-fire between Israel and Palestinian militant groups in Gaza appeared to have taken hold Monday morning, bringing a short but deadly bout of cross-border fighting to an end as abruptly as it had started.

No, escalations do not begin with rockets on Israel,

“Israel might have the power to tell itself and the rest of the world a story of victimhood. In reality, it has been abusing two million besieged Gazans for over a decade,” writes Orly Noy.

Years of work disappeared in one minute,

The latest round of hostilities between Israel and Gaza took its toll on lives, homes and dreams. Media reports tend to focus on the stories of those killed or injured. This is the story of one Palestinian resident of Gaza who was “fortunate” enough not to suffer direct physical harm, but is one of countless people paying a different kind of price.

Netanyahu Can No Longer Pacify Gaza With Qatari Cash and Empty Promises,

Israel’s bribes aren’t working any more, and Hamas isn’t preventing Islamic Jihad blowing up the status quo.

Trump Campaign Senior Adviser Uses 'Fake Video' of Gaza Rocket Fire to Attack Ilhan Omar,

The clip posted by Katrina Pierson is actually a 2015 video of missile fire during the Ukrainian conflict against Russian-backed separatists.