Top news stories from Israel/Palestine: November 15, 2018

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Israeli politics

Netanyahu's Top Ministers Call for Elections After Defense Chief's Resignation,

Two senior Israeli ministers are calling on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to opt for early elections, following the resignation of Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman.

Opinion: Israel's next elections will be about who is more violent to Palestinians,

“The resignation of Defense Minister Liberman could very well trigger elections as early as next March. Many will be going the polls with one question in mind: how much force should we use against Palestinians?” writes Haggai Matar.

Poll: 74 Percent of Israelis Dissatisfied With Netanyahu's Performance in Gaza Crisis,

If elections were held today, according to the Israel Television News Company’s poll, Netanyahu’s party would get 29 seats, the first time the party has polled below 30 since March.

Netanyahu now holds 3 most senior posts in government,

Following Defense Minister Lieberman’s resignation, Netanyahu takes the defense portfolio in addition to being the prime minister and foreign affairs minister; he is considering giving up the Foreign Affairs Ministry and keeping the Defense Ministry.


Israel-Hamas fighting erupted just as negotiations advanced. What started it, and why does it matter?,

Why did Israel carry out this military operation at a time when many were heralding novel progress in diplomatic steps toward alleviating tensions between Israel and Hamas?

Occupation/Human rights

How Jewish Settlers Are Cementing Their Rule Over Palestinians in Jerusalem,

National parks are often declared in order to prohibit Palestinians from building. Now, the Knesset is promoting a bill to ensure that settlers can build in these otherwise forbidden zones.

How the tourism industry underpins illegal Israeli settlements,

Companies such as Expedia and Trivago are leading tourists to settlements without telling them in marketing material.

Palestinian activist sent to prison for ‎riding a bike in his village,

An Israeli military court sentenced Abdullah Abu Rahma, a recognized human rights defender, to 110 days in prison for riding a bicycle during a protest against the occupation two years ago.


Israel’s Supreme Court Hands a Victory to Lara Alqasem, But the Future of Foreigners’ Free Speech Remains Uncertain,

Censorship at the border chills the space for free discourse for everyone, marking certain beliefs as “off limits” and blocking at least one important avenue for the free exchange of ideas.

The Trouble with Israel’s Enemy Lists,

For quite some time, supporters of Israel have worried that they are losing in the court of public opinion. Some pro-Israel organizations also resort to character assassination, smear campaigns, and hardball tactics in response.