Top news stories from Israel/Palestine: June 13, 2018

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Israel: Apparent War Crimes in Gaza,

Israeli forces’ repeated use of lethal force in the Gaza Strip since March 30, 2018, against Palestinian demonstrators who posed no imminent threat to life may amount to war crimes, according to Human Rights Watch.

Debunking Four Myths Surrounding the Palestinian Protests,

The justifications given for the deaths of Palestinian protesters just don’t add up.

For Palestinian Feminists, Liberation Has 2 Meanings,

“New coalitions of women are shaping the future of activism and gender equality in the Gaza Strip,” write Jen Marlowe and Fadi Abu Shammalah.

Israeli politics

Israeli Right rolling in foreign money,

“Ironically, those in Israel who caution against foreign funds donating to left-wing organizations benefit from millions of shekels apportioned to them by covert overseas entities,” writes Uri Zaki.

US-Israeli/Palestinian relations

Palestinians Push for UN Vote on Israel's Use of 'Indiscriminate Force' in Gaza,

The Palestinians and their supporters are asking an emergency meeting of the UN General Assembly on Wednesday to adopt a resolution deploring what it calls Israel’s “excessive use of force,” particularly in Gaza. U.S. Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley has urged countries to condemn Hamas instead of voting for the resolution, which she called “fundamentally imbalanced.”

Occupation/Human rights

Israel's New Tool for Dispossessing Palestinians,

This week, a new military order is supposed to take effect that will make giant strides toward the vision of emptying Area C, which covers 60 percent of the West Bank, of Palestinians.

This Jerusalem Suburb Is Expanding – Into the West Bank,

The Israel Lands Authority is advancing plans to build a new neighborhood for a Jerusalem suburb even though a large part of the neighborhood would be located in the West Bank, where the agency has no planning authority whatsoever.

BDS and Settlement boycotts

US recognition of Jerusalem backfires on Israel,

Argentina’s cancellation of a soccer match over the match’s relocation to Jerusalem is a clear sign that most of the world considers large parts of Jerusalem to be occupied land.