Top news stories from Israel/Palestine: May 8, 2018

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FMEP in the news

The Democratic Party’s Israel Problem,

“You can’t claim to have principles and then demand that Israel be held to a different and lower standard.” Lara Friedman comments on the support the Israel Anti-Boycott Act enjoys among some Democratic lawmakers.

Occupation/Human rights

Elor Azaria, Israeli Soldier Convicted of Killing a Wounded Palestinian Terrorist, Set Free After Nine Months,

Elor Azaria, the Israeli soldier convicted of killing an incapacitated Palestinian assailant, was released Tuesday after serving nine months in prison. His release was brought forward by two days as he requested to attend his brother’s wedding.

Israeli cemeteries in the West Bank send a message– Settlers are never leaving,

Through the establishment of cemeteries in the occupied West Bank, “they [settlers] were making the point that this is our land and we will remain here forever,” Dror Etkes tells Mondoweiss.

World Zionist Organization Rents Out Homes in West Bank Settlements for Less Than in Israel Proper,

Data obtained by Haaretz shows that 37 percent of the WZO’s mobile homes are in the West Bank. According to Peace Now, some of those were placed there illegally.

Paraguay moving embassy to Jerusalem a week after US,

Paraguay will be the third country to move its embassy to Jerusalem.

US-Israeli/Palestinian relations

Donald Trump: Delivering on his Israel-related pledges,

“Trump not only delivers, he delivers with a vengeance. Recognizing Jerusalem and setting a schedule to move the embassy would have been enough for his Jewish base, but Trump accelerated the process and the embassy will open, albeit in temporary quarters, in May,” writes Ron Kampeas. “The same goes for his other Israel-related pledges.”

New U.S. embassy in Jerusalem: A stone plaque and $400,000 in renovations, for now,

For all the fanfare surrounding the opening of the new embassy this coming Monday, the hanging of the plaque on what is currently a consular services building is one of the few changes that will initially take place.

White House announces Jerusalem embassy opening attendees,

The White House has announced the list of attendees at next week’s ceremony marking the controversial relocation of the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem – with President Donald Trump not being part of the delegation.


Focus On: Gaza,

Al-Shabaka analysts review the crises and developments of the past decade to address the most important political and economic issues informing the current situation.

Palestinian politics

Voices of the Palestinian diaspora: Nakba is an open wound,

Al Jazeera spoke to five expatriate Palestinians with various backgrounds and birthplaces to ascertain their views about 70 years of the Israeli state.

BDS and Settlement boycotts

Why Israel's Eurovision contestant became a target for BDS,

“Netta Barzilai is an impressive performer with an impressive act that Israelis can be proud to be represented by. But that’s not all she represents,” writes Orly Noy.