Using “Anti-Semitism” to Quash Israel Criticism – in Congress & States


Since 2016, there have been efforts both in Congress and in US states to pass legislation framed as as being about fighting antisemitism, but that in practice (both impact and in many cases explicit intent) is about targeting non-violent protest, activism and criticism of Israel and/or Zionism. The chart below tracks all of this legislation, in its various forms, at both the Federal and State levels.

You can track this legislative trend here. Last update: April 11, 2023

In addition, a compendium of analysis/commentary on the Constitutional and broader free speech threats posed by this legislation — constantly updated — can be found here.

To follow what is happening with respect to a parallel campaign to have Congress legislate U.S. support for settlements, see Lara’s research/table, here ;to follow what is happening at the state level, see here.

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