Settlement & Annexation Report: April 28, 2022


Welcome to FMEP’s Weekly Settlement Report, covering everything you need to know about Israeli settlement activity this week.

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**The regular FMEP Settlement & Annexation report is on break, and is planned to return around the first week of August. In the meantime, we are pleased to offer you links to the main settlement-related stories of the past week**

April 21, 2022

  1. Settler Violence/Terror, Israeli Army/Govt Role
  2. Land Grab
  3. Israeli Courts, Israeli Policies
  4. Apartheid/Annexation, in Action

Settler Violence/Terror, Israeli Army/Govt Role

Palestinians Attacked Near Settlement; 62-year-old Hospitalized With Head Injury (“The three Palestinians say several dozen settlers from nearby Ma’aleh Amos attacked them with stones, clubs and pepper spray”) (Haaretz 4/27/22) Also see 4/26/22 Tweets (with photos) about the attack, from Basel Adra and the Good Shepherd Collective

Israeli government in cahoots with extremist outpost settlers (Arab News 4/26/22)

Settlers Play Chicken With the Israeli Army in the West Bank (Haaretz 4/25/22)

Israel’s Settler Defense Forces (Haaretz 4/25/22)

West Bank: more attacks on Palestinians by Israeli Jewish settlers (Middle East Monitor 4/25/22)

Israeli settlers attack shepherds in occupied Bethlehem (Middle East Monitor 4/23/22)

Israeli settlers, backed by soldiers, attack Palestinians in Hebron’s old town, damage shops and vehicles (WAFA 4/23/22)

If the PA Is Responsible for Palestinian Violence, Who ‘Ratifies’ Jewish Terrorism? (Haaretz 4/12/22)

Land Grab

Israel’s Attorney General Plans to Deal With Illegal West Bank Outposts Despite Conflict of Interest [“The Israeli attorney general has a conflict of interest in dealing with some West Bank settlements because she represented a regional council beyond the Green Line while a lawyer in private practice, but nevertheless intends on dealing with broader issues relating to this council. Upon taking office in February, Gali Baharav-Miara signed a conflict of interest agreement regarding the Samaria Regional Council – the local government for Jewish settlements in the northern West Bank. However, she still intends on dealing with a number of issues related to the council such as retroactive authorization for the West Bank outpost of Evyatar, linking unauthorized outposts in the council’s territory to the electricity grid, and the unauthorized outpost of Homesh.”]  (Haaretz 4/27/22)

Israeli settlers raze farmlands in Nablus-district villages (WAFA 4/28/22)

Israeli settlers bulldoze land in northern Jordan Valley to expand existing illegal settlement (WAFA 4/24/22)

Settlers uproot olive saplings for Palestinian farmers east of Nablus (4/24/22)


Israeli Courts, Israeli Policies

Top Court Asks Israel to Explain How It Plans to Stop Settler Land Grab“The Israeli Civil Administration gave the residents of the Nokdim settlement 15 days to explain how their construction on private Palestinian land does not constitute incursion” (Haaretz 4/27/22)

Israel: Seven settlers convicted over wedding where they mocked dead [murdered] Palestinian toddler (Middle East Eye 4/27/22) Also see report in Times of Israel

Israeli Court Orders Rehearing in Sheikh Jarrah Family’s Case, Postponing Eviction (Haaretz 4/26/22) [Also see Tweet from B’Tselem’s Sarit Michaeli:Kicking the can down the road for another few weeks or months. This is all we can expect until Israel is forced to announce a total moratorium on demolitions and evictions of Palestinian families in the Occupied West Bank including East Jerusalem.” (linked to Twitter thread from Ir Amim)

Homesh, Evyatar must be coalition red lines – right-wing politicians (Jerusalem Post 4/23/22)


Apartheid/Annexation, in Action

Israel’s housing policies in occupied Palestinian territory amount to racial segregation – UN experts (UN/Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights 4/27/22)

A microcosm of Palestinian struggle: One family’s life in Hebron [“The al-Jaabaris are one of several families in Hebron whose home is sandwiched between Israeli settlements.”] (Al Jazeera 4/26/22)

Israel’s Independence Day Air Show to Fly Over Hebron Settlement for First Time [“Settler leader hails ‘another brick in the building of the land and the settlement in Judea and Samaria’ in the Air Force’s decision to fly over more parts of the West Bank] (Haaretz 4/24/22) Also see Jerusalem Post