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  • In Gaza, Foreign Aid is Just a Band Aid

    The United Nations has predicted that Gaza will be unlivable by 2020. The study estimates the population of 1.6 million will expand to more than…

  • Direct talks need international support to succeed

    The claim that outside pressure is the same as dictating a solution is simply false. Those making such a claim must be asked why. Opposing outside influence on both Israel and the Palestinians, and claiming that any pressure is the same as imposing a solution, is a sure way to block peace, to keep Israel and the Palestinians locked in conflict, and to prevent the realization of a two-state solution.

  • Say The Word: Occupation

    An agreement ending the occupation is the only way there will be a secure State of Israel and a secure State of Palestine. But we can’t get there if we can’t even name the problem. Whether it is at AIPAC, along the campaign trail or after the new president is in office, it is essential that they address the problem of occupation. That starts by calling it what it is.

  • Breaking the Silence Responds to Unfounded Allegations

    BtS explicitly does not collect classified information. Prior to conducting an interview with IDF soldiers, we always forewarn them not to discuss classified information or military secrets. Everything BtS publishes is sent to the military censor prior for approval. Nothing has ever been, nor will ever be published without undergoing this process.

  • EU Labeling: Carrots and Sticks Work

    Last November, when the European Union announced the implementation of long-standing regulations regarding the labeling of products from Israeli settlements, the government of Prime Minister…

  • A Recipe For Shredding U.S. Credibility

    Writing in today’s Washington Post, former U.S. peace negotiators Dennis Ross and David Makovsky observe the steadily deteriorating situation in Israel-Palestine. “As the risk of escalation…

  • Herzog’s Bantustan Plan

    Speaking at a national security conference in Tel Aviv last month, Israeli opposition leader Isaac Herzog announced a new plan to “separate” from the Palestinians.…

  • The Occupation is Global

    This article was originally published by Israeli newspaper Haaretz under the title: Israel’s Leaders Are in Denial: The Occupation Is Already a Global, Not a Local,…