A New Era of Palestinian Unity?

Recorded April 1, 2022

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This webinar is Part 8 of an 8-part series of webinars. For more information regarding this series, and links to the other sessions, please click here.

Featuring Lana Tatour (University of New South Wales, Australia) Dr. Yara Hawari (Al-Shabaka), and Tareq Baconi (Al-Shabaka).

In this session we explored how years of fragmentation of the Palestinian people are today being challenged/overcome, both in terms of connections across the Green Line and grassroots engagement and connections around the world.


Resources shared during the webinar

Tareq Baconi

Follow Tareq and Al-Shabaka on Twitter @TareqBaconi / @AlShabaka 

Check out Tareq’s book: Hamas Contained: The Rise and Pacification of Palestinian Resistance 

Tareq in FMEP webinar 7/28/21: Palestinian Liberation and Leadership: What’s next?

Selected articles/analyses:

Mada Masr 3/19/22: Critique as movement building: The apartheid reports on Palestine

New York Review of Books 11/5/21: What Apartheid Means for Israel 

London Review of Books 5/14/21: Sheikh Jarrah and After

Foreign Policy 5/18/20: The Oslo Accords Are Dead. Should the Palestinian Authority Live On?

Washington Post 7/30/18: Israel needs to loosen its chokehold on Gaza to avoid another war

Tareq’s contribution to Al Shabaka brief 6/7/18: Palestinian leadership: what a new model might look like

Al Shabaka brief 7/6/17: Abbas’s shortsighted Gaza policy 


Yara Hawari

Follow Yara and her work on Twitter: @yarahawari

Also follow her on Al-Shabaka’s Rethinking Palestine Podcast on Apple and Spotify 

Check out Yara’s book: The Stone House

Yara on FMEP webinar 7/9/21: Palestinian grassroots protests & violent repression by the Palestinian Authority

Selected articles/analyses:

Jacobin 2/1/22: It’s Undeniable: Israel Is an Apartheid State

The New Arab 1/11/22: Starving for freedom: The role of hunger strikes in the Palestinian struggle

Al Jazeera 10/24/21: Why Israel is trying to criminalise Palestinian civil society

Al-Shabaka 6/29/21: Defying fragmentation and the significance of unity: a new Palestinian uprising

Al-Jazeera 6/10/21: Why Israel is so desperate to silence #SaveSheikhJarrah

Al-Shabaka 3/24/20: Radical futures: When Palestinians imagine 

Al-Shabaka 1/29/19: Abbas and the farce of Palestinian democracy 

Al-Shabaka 2/19/20: Democracy in the West Bank and Gaza: More than Elections 


Lana Tatour

Follow Lana and her work: on Twitter: @Lana_Tatour

Follow her work in academic journals via her page at the University of South Wales  

See her PhD thesis: Domination and resistance in liberal settler colonialism: Palestinians in Israel between the homeland and the transnational

Selected articles/analyses:

Middle East Eye 2/8/22: Amnesty report: The limits of the apartheid framework

Middle East Eye 3/10/20: ‘Zionism’s last hope’: The Joint List cannot reform Israeli colonialism 

Mondoweiss 5/13/21: This isn’t a civil war, it is settler-colonial brutality 


Other Resources

Al Jazeera 9/24/20: Fatah, Hamas say deal reached on Palestinian elections 

Reuters 4/29/21: Palestinian leader delays parliamentary and presidential elections, blaming Israel

New York Times 5/18/21: In Show of Unity, Palestinians Strike Across West Bank, Gaza and Israel

Mondoweiss 5/18/21: The Manifesto of Dignity and Hope 

Al-Shabaka  2/23/21: Focus on: Palestinian political leadership 

Foreign Affairs 9/20/12: Why Palestinians Protest 

CNN 3/29/22: Five people shot dead near Tel Aviv, the third attack in Israel in a week 

Information about US protest laws: US Protest Law Tracker

Statistics on Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails from Addameer

Middle East Institute 2/2/22: Pro-Palestine solidarity in the UAE: A view from Emirati activists 



Lana Tatour is an assistant professor in global development at the School of Social Science, University of New South Wales, Australia. She was the 2019–20 Ibrahim Abu-Lughod Postdoctoral Fellow at the Center for Palestine Studies at Columbia University. She is currently completing a book provisionally titled Ambivalent Resistance: Palestinians in Israel and the Liberal Politics of Settler Colonialism and Human Rights.

Dr. Yara Hawari is the Senior Palestine Policy Fellow of Al-Shabaka: The Palestinian Policy Network. She completed her PhD in Middle East Politics at the University of Exeter, where she taught various undergraduate courses and continues to be an honorary research fellow. She is also a frequent political commentator writing for various media outlets including The Guardian, Foreign Policy and Al Jazeera English.

Tareq Baconi serves as the president of the board of Al-Shabaka. He was Al-Shabaka’s US Policy Fellow from 2016 – 2017. Tareq is the former senior analyst for Israel/Palestine and Economics of Conflict at the International Crisis Group, based in Ramallah, and the author of Hamas Contained: The Rise and Pacification of Palestinian Resistance (Stanford University Press, 2018). Tareq’s writing has appeared in the London Review of Books, the New York Review of Books, the Washington Post, among others, and he is a frequent commentator in regional and international media. He is the book review editor for the Journal of Palestine Studies.