• If Oslo is over, what comes next?

    In the days leading up to his speech Wednesday to the United Nations General Assembly, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas had promised something big—a “bombshell,” he…

  • Zomlot: “We are in limbo”

    In a talk sponsored by FMEP and the Middle East Institute last Friday, Palestinian Ambassador-at-large Husam Zomlot expressed the frustration many Palestinians feel at the…

  • BDS In Perspective

    The surest way to take the wind out of the BDS sails would be to work diligently to achieve those goals, and act against efforts that prevent them. An independent, sovereign and viable Palestine sharing peace, trade and security with Israel removes the impetus for both BDS and the often overly aggressive tactics being employed against it.

  • The Last War

    There is a lot that was strange about former Vice President Dick Cheney’s anti–Iran deal speech at the American Enterprise Institute on Tuesday morning. First,…

  • American Funding of Israeli Settlements

    Whether T’Ruah’s complaint will result in Honenu being stripped of its non-profit status or not, it is imperative that groups that support settlements be held up to the light, so that people who donate can make an educated choice about what they support. More importantly, if it serves as a vehicle to push the United States to shift its position on the legality of the settlements to one that is in line with almost the entire world (the overwhelming majority of international legal opinion), it will have accomplished a lot more than cutting off a few dollars from one group that supports the most radical settler elements.

  • Video: Debating the Israel boycott

    Does the boycott, divestment and sanctions campaign unfairly single out Israel? “The occupation has gone on far too long, I think Israel does need to…

  • Abbas Moves To Consolidate Power In The PLO

    “These are not real resignations. They just want to use the resignations to call for an extraordinary meeting of the Palestinian National Council in accordance with Article 14 of the Palestinian Basic Law.”