LIFE LIVED IN RELIEF: Humanitarian Predicaments and Palestinian Refugee Politics

Nov 1 2018


The Elliott School of International Affairs, Lindner Commons (Room 602)
1957 E St. NW,
Washington, DC 20052


Elliot School Book Launch Series

Discover Life Lived in Relief with author and Elliott School Professor Ilana Feldman. In her breathtaking new book, Professor Feldman explores the Palestinian refugee community’s engagement with humanitarian assistance over seventy years. Based on extensive archival and ethnographic field research, the book poses pressing questions about what it means for a temporary status to become chronic. How do people in these conditions assert the value of their lives? What does the Palestinian situation tell us about the world?

Featuring a book talk by:

Ilana Feldman: Dr. Ilana Feldman is an Elliott School professor of anthropology, history, and international affairs and a noted scholar of the Palestinian experience.

With discussant:

Michael Barnett: Dr. Michael Barnett is an Elliott School university professor of international affairs and political science and an expert on global governance, humanitarianism, and the Middle East.