From Oslo to the”Deal of the Century” – Event ft. Prof. Menachem Klein

Oct 16 2019


Middle East Institute
1763 N Street NW,
Washington, DC 20036


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From Oslo to the”Deal of the Century” — How the personalities of two men have shaped the Palestinian struggle for self-determination


Prof. Menachem Klein

Author of the new book, “Arafat and Abbas – Portraits of Leadership in a State Postponed”

Wednesday, October 16th, 10:00-11:30am
Middle East Institute | 1763 N Street NW, Washington, DC

Coffee and light snacks will be served ahead of the event

Menachem Klein is Professor of Political Science at Bar Ilan University, Israel, and a former advisor to Prime Minister Ehud Barak. This is his sixth book. Lives in Common – Arabs and Jews in Jerusalem, Jaffa, and Hebron, also published by Oxford University Press, was chosen as a New Republic non-fiction Book of the Year in 2014. His latest work presents vivid and intimate portraits of Palestinian Presidents Yasser Arafat and Mahmoud Abbas, revealing the impact their personalities have had — and continue to have — on the Palestinians’ struggle for national self-determination.

See Amazon for more details about “Arafat and Abbas – Portraits of Leadership in a State Postponed.”  Advance praise for Professor Klein’s new book:

“…This is a critical read for anyone interested in the Palestinian–Israeli conflict, for it dissects clearly the leadership challenges within Palestinian society.” — Daniel Kurtzer, Professor of Middle East Policy Studies, Princeton University, and former US Ambassador to Israel (2001–05) and Egypt (1997–2001)

“With so much attention devoted to how Israeli policies led to the collapse of the Oslo peace process, struggles and trends among Palestinians are often neglected. Klein builds on decades of research to illuminate the accomplishments and failures of Palestinian leadership, the political transformation of Hamas, and the disastrous decline of the Palestinian Authority.”Ian S. Lustick, Professor of Political Science, University of Pennsylvania

“A trenchant, insightful and timely book on the leadership styles and records of two Palestinian presidents who for better or worse have shaped the strategy of the Palestinian national movement for more than half a century.”Aaron David Miller, former Middle East analyst and negotiator, US Department of State