Palestinian Liberation & Leadership: What’s Next? 

Jul 28 2021


Palestinian Liberation & Leadership: What’s Next?

Tareq Baconi (Crisis Group) and Inès Abdel Razek (PIPD)

with Lara Friedman (FMEP)

Wednesday, July 28 

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Join FMEP and Palestinian analysts discussing the current state of Palestinian leadership and how Palestinians are contending with multiple layers of authoritarian rule (Israel, the PA, and Hamas). The discussion will address issues including: What are the challenges to Palestinian liberation? What roles – positive and negative – do the Palestinian Authority and Hamas play? What role does Palestinian civil society play in mobilizing against Israel and the PA? What can Palestinian resistance to Israel look like? What is behind Hamas’s rise in popularity since the most recent escalation with Israel? What is the status of the uprising against the PA and how is it part of a larger struggle against occupation, annexation, and apartheid? And how do Palestinians inside of Israel and in the Diaspora – from Lebanon to the U.S. – fit into the puzzle of Palestinian liberation? 

With Tareq Baconi (Crisis Group) and Inès Abdel Razek (PIPD), moderated by FMEP’s Lara Friedman. 

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On Liberation

On settler colonialism: 

On Unity: 

On the PA

On protests against the PA over the killing of Palestinian activist Nizar Banat and PA repression: 

On Hamas

On the Great March of Return in Gaza

For reporting & analysis on the Great March of Return, see +972 Magazine’s Great March of Return archives —>

Tareq published a number of articles on the Great March of Return, including: 

On popular resistance: 

On the NGOization & de-politicization of Palestinian civil society 


Tareq Baconi is Crisis Group’s Senior Analyst for Israel/Palestine and Economics of Conflict. Tareq has a background in management consulting in the energy sector. His research relates to the contemporary geopolitics of the region, with a focus on Israel-Palestine. His writing has appeared in Arabic in Al-Ghad and Al-Quds al-Arabi, and in English in The New York Review Daily, The Washington Post, Foreign Affairs, The Guardian, The Nation, The Daily Star (Lebanon), and al-Jazeera. He has provided analysis for print and broadcast media, including The New York Times, The New Yorker, BBC, National Public Radio, and Democracy Now!. He has a PhD in International Relations from King’s College London and an MPhil degree from the University of Cambridge. He tweets @TareqBaconi.

Inès Abdel Razek is Advocacy Director for the Palestine Institute for Public Diplomacy (PIPD), an independent Palestinian organization, and a member of Al Shabaka. Prior to joining the PIPD, Inès held advisory positions in the executive offices of the Union for the Mediterranean in Barcelona, the UN Environment Programme in Nairobi and the Palestinian Prime Minister’s Office in Ramallah, where she focused on international governance and development cooperation policies. Inès is also an advisory board member of the social enterprise BuildPalestine. She holds a Master’s degree in Public Affairs from Sciences-Po, Paris. Twitter: @InesAbdelrazek.

Lara Friedman is the president of the Foundation for Middle East Peace. With more than 25 years working in the Middle East foreign policy arena, Lara is a leading authority on U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East, with particular expertise on the Israeli-Arab conflict, Israeli settlements, Jerusalem, and the role of the U.S. Congress. Prior to joining FMEP, Lara was the Director of Policy and Government Relations at Americans for Peace Now, and before that she was a U.S. Foreign Service Officer, serving in Jerusalem, Washington, Tunis and Beirut. She tweets @LaraFriedmanDC.