Preschool under Occupation

Oct 15 2019


Friends Committee on National Legislation | Quaker Welcome Center
245 2nd St NE,
Washington, DC 20002


Three leading early childhood development experts from Palestine — Sulieman Mleahat, Nariman Othman, and Dr. Ilham Nasser — discuss the challenges and advances in delivering preschool education in the West Bank and Gaza. Palestinian children in the West Bank and Gaza have to navigate the daily obstacles imposed by occupation from the moment they enter the world. They are the innocent victims of the economic, political, social and health conditions around them. The most vulnerable are preschoolers at an age when they are developing their cognitive, social, emotional, and physical abilities. Malnutrition and ill health plague children under five, many of whom suffer from anemia. In East Jerusalem alone, 95,000 children live in chronic poverty. Add to that the stress of violent surroundings that interrupts their schooling, and you have a critical challenge for Palestinian society.


A light lunch will be provided

Sulieman Mleahat | Anera Education Programs Manager Sulieman has been Anera’s education program manager in Palestine since 2010. During his tenure, he has overseen the renovation or construction of 10% of Palestine’s preschools.

Ilham Nasser | Senior Researcher, International Institute for Islamic Thought, Dean, School of Education, VIU Dr. Nasser spent over twenty-five years in research on child development and teacher education in different educational settings. Recently, she led the modernization of the curriculum for kindergarten in Iraq and the design and development of the first national curriculum for Kindergarten in Palestine.

Nariman Othman | Anera Education Program Coordinator Nariman has 27 years of experience in education, special education, inclusive education and early childhood. She trains ECD teachers, leads parent workshops, and participated in the development of the first national Palestinian ECD curriculum.

Moderated by Kyle Cristofalo, Director of Advocacy and Government Relations, Churches for Middle East Peace

Cosponsored by Anera and Churches for Middle East Peace (CMEP)