The West Bank after a wave of destruction

Oct 16 2015


Carnegie Endowment
1779 Massachusetts Ave, NW,
Washington, DC 20036



This summer, we witnessed an international campaign to thwart expulsion in Susiya, a sweeping wave of demolitions in Area C of the West Bank, and the temporary displacements of entire Palestinian communities for Israeli military training in the Jordan Valley. According to B’Tselem’s data, in August alone Israel demolished as many residential structures as in the entire first half of 2015. These repeated incidents – demolitions and forced displacements of Palestinian communities – are as routine as they’re counterpart, serving one ultimate goal: solidifying Israeli control of Area C and the construction and expansion of Israel’s settlement enterprise.

Taken together, this deferential and bureaucratic application of laws and planning regulations – in plain violation of international humanitarian law – paints a grim picture of the future for Palestinians in the West Bank and Israel’s intentions for the region.

Kareem Jubran and Chelsey Berlin will discuss the recent escalation in demolitions and displacements, whether the struggle to preserve Palestinian life in Area C is gaining ground and what B’Tselem is doing to expose – and counteract – this defacto annexation of Area C. Matt Duss will moderate the discussion.


Kareem Jubran is the field research director at B’Tselem בצלם بتسيلم.  Kareem joined B’Tselem in 2004, he supervises B’Tselem’s field researchers who monitor and document the situation in the West Bank and Gaza, leads tours of the West Bank and liaises with the Palestinian and Arab media. Prior to joining B’Tselem, Kareem worked in higher education in Ramallah as a lecturer in sociology. Kareem holds a BA and MA in sociology from Sofia University and serves as a board member for The Palestinian Counseling Center.

Chelsey Berlin is the director of B’Tselem USA. Previously, Chelsey served as B’Tselem USA’s associate director, a Dorot Fellow in Tel Aviv and at Tomorrow’s Youth Organization in Nablus directing a service-learning program that trained Americans to support Palestinian communities through nonformal educational services while developing a strong understanding of Palestinian society, professional skills and community development. Chelsey earned her BA in Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies from Brandeis University. She has lived and worked in Egypt, the West Bank and Israel.