Bimkom – Planners for Planning Rights*

Bimkom – Planners for Planning Rights is Israel’s foremost human rights organization focused on spatial planning and land issues in Israel and areas under Israeli control, particularly in Area C where Palestinian communities have been denied planning rights. Drawing on values of social justice, good governance, equality and community participation, Bimkom advances the development of planning policies and practices that are more just and respectful of human rights, and responsive to the needs of local communities.

Bimkom was established in 1999 by professional planners and architects, in reaction to discrimination in planning policies and practices against disadvantaged groups, both Jewish and Palestinian. Since then, Bimkom has assisted hundreds of local communities in obtaining adequate housing, infrastructure and services based on plans that are responsive to the needs and wishes of residents, thereby enabling communities to grow and develop in the present and the future. Through our efforts, residents have become increasingly involved in planning processes and actively engaged in legal petitions, planning objections, grassroots and public activities.

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* FMEP awarded a grant to the New Israel Fund, in support of its existing work/fundraising for Bimkom.