Heartland Initiative, Inc.

Heartland Initiative, Inc. is a nonprofit practice-based research organization that promotes the fundamental rights and freedoms of people impacted by armed conflict. Heartland’s work responds to a growing need at the intersection of business and human rights, where public and private stakeholders understand that business activities can contribute to either the escalation or mitigation of conflicts and their attendant human rights violations. Through tailored learning services, Heartland works with stakeholders to develop solutions that simultaneously prevent and address human rights harms while managing the heightened risks faced by businesses and investors in conflict-affected areas.

In 2022, Heartland partnered with several leading human rights organizations to release a first-of-its-kind guide, entitled “Navigating the surveillance technology ecosystem: A human rights due diligence guide for investors.”

Grounded in the perspectives of digital rights advocates, the Guide seeks to assist investors of all sizes, types, and geographies in navigating the surveillance technology ecosystem and strengthening their human rights due diligence. The Guide includes:
  • An examination of how surveillance technologies create human rights risks for individuals and communities,
  • An explanation of material risks for investors’,
  • Questions to identify severity of risk, and
  • A framework for investment decision making.