Human Rights Defenders Fund

Human Rights Defenders Fund is an Israeli NGO that supports the human rights sector in Israel/Palestine, enabling organizations and activists to promote human rights, democracy, and rule of law without fear of attack and harassment by the authorities. HRDF was founded in 2011 amidst increasing violations of the rights of human rights defenders and restrictions on the work of human rights organizations in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories. HRDF provides legal aid and services, as well as training in peaceful protest and strategic media and communications. Since their founding by frontline activists in 2011, HRDF has worked with a network of attorneys to ensure that more than 750 human rights defenders have received legal advice and/or representation. As human rights defenders in Israel/Palestine are increasingly targeted – with incitement to violence against them; with legislation aimed at undermining their organizations, activities, and funding with official policies shrinking access to public space; and with actual assaults by settlers, rightwingers, and security forces – HRDF both provides concrete and urgent support.

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