Just Vision

Just Vision is a team of human rights advocates, journalists, and filmmakers who have a reputation for leadership, credibility and excellence. Just Vision drives attention to compelling local role models in unarmed movement-building and demonstrate to journalists, community leaders, public intellectuals and students – in the US, Israel, Palestine and beyond – what is possible when leaders at the grassroots choose to act. It tells their under-documented stories through award-winning films, digital media and targeted public education campaigns that undermine stereotypes, inspire commitment and galvanize action.

Based in East Jerusalem, New York and Washington DC, Just Vision’s team reaches tens of thousands of people in direct programs and screenings, moving fluidly from refugee camps and villages to high-level talks with the world’s top decision-makers. Just Vision touch millions more through TV broadcast and international press coverage. Founded in 2003, Just Vision is nonpartisan and religiously unaffiliated.

Just Vision’s overarching goal is to contribute to fostering peace and an end to the occupation by rendering Palestinian and Israeli grassroots leaders more visible, valued and influential in their efforts.

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Website: www.justvision.org/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JustVision
Twitter: @JustVisionMedia
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