Our Grant Philosophy

Through its grant making program, the Foundation for Middle East Peace works to ensure a just, secure, and peaceful future for Palestinians and Israelis. The FMEP grant program is by invitation-only.

FMEP’s grants fall into five main strategic areas:

  1. Promoting respect for international law, democratic norms, human rights and dignity in the Israel/Palestine context – including combating policies and actions that violate these laws and norms.
  2. Upholding and sustaining the anti-occupation/pro-peace sector as a whole, including combatting the weaponization of the Israel-Palestinian issue & false accusations of antisemitism.
  3. Cultivating, elevating, and amplifying new thought leaders who challenge status quo assumptions, expand the debate beyond the existing stale arguments and limited viewpoints, and articulate alternatives to failed policies and approaches.
  4. Enabling Palestinians to remain in Palestine. 
  5. Enriching the public and political discourses by creating, expanding, and defending space for both criticism of Israeli policies and actions, and for Palestinian voices, including on campus, in the media, and in the public discourse and debate writ large.

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