Palestine Institute for Public Diplomacy

The Palestine institute for Public Diplomacy (PIPD) and its Digital platform Rābet seek to strengthen Palestinian’s collective sumud – Arabic for “steadfastness” – as a global, intersectional movement for freedom, justice, equity and rights for all. PIPD is an independent, non-governmental organization that aims to shift discourse and policy with movements and decision-makers around the world through people’s engagement and advocacy. PIPD is based in Palestine and is led by a board of prominent Palestinians from the private sector, academia, and civil society. 

Among its many activities, PIPD brings Palestine and Palestinian stories to the world through original productions to inform, educate, mobilize, and entertain. These media interventions respond to urgent developments and events in Palestine, and also celebrate Palestinian culture and history. A key PIPD initiative resulted in Palestine VR – a one-of-a-kind phone app and portal that brings users to Palestine for educational tours of key sites in Palestine to better understand the daily realities of Palestinians.

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